Supreme Is Dropping The *Coolest* Red Lipstick & Hypebaes Everywhere Are Already Hyped

by Stephanie Montes
Supreme/Trendmood1 on Instagram

Supreme is one of those brands you'll constantly see celebrities and members of the cool crowd wearing. Though you know the logo as an iconic red and white tag that has seemingly been slapped on anything you can dream up, it started in the '90s for skateboarders in New York. Since then, the brand has collaborated with artists, brands, fashion designers, and musicians, which makes it insanely sought after today. Though I'm not exactly a streetwear connoisseur or hypebae by any means, a Supreme lipstick leak hit social media hard today, and it's news that even I can get excited abut.

I first heard of the brand when my little brother took up skateboarding. He had the bumper sticker plastered all over his skateboard, along with ones from other popular brands like DGK, DC, and Obey. I never paid much attention to Supreme, even after I started noticing the iconic red and white logo popping up on merch by Nike, Vans, and Levi's. But when I heard people were camping out for their collaboration with Louis Vuitton, I finally cared to know more. I couldn't believe people were dropping thousands of dollars to own a piece of the brand, and then, listing the pieces at an absurd resale value for other people to drop even more money on it — though, I admit, I'd kill to own anything from that collaboration.

These days, I'm more caught up on all things Supreme, including the totally useless branded items that make hype beasts everywhere lose their sh*t. Though they're cool-looking conversation pieces, some of the red and white logo-bearing items associated with the brand make me wonder how some people have so much money to blow.

This is a brick. A real brick. It's embossed with the Supreme logo, but it's unclear what one would do with it. It's too expensive to use as an actual building material (did I mention it will run you a cool $500?) and excessively heavy to use as a paper weight. The world may never know!


Okay, okay, I admit this item is much more useful (assuming it's not empty and just for looks), but still...really?


Finally, a supreme-branded item I can seriously get down with: A seemingly universally flattering bright red lipstick. I can see the Instagram posts now — red-lipstick-clad hypebaes not so subtly displaying their Supreme lipstick tubes in clear purses for the world to see.

Although a Supreme lipstick is yet to be officially confirmed, I'd be willing to be bet the cost of a Supreme-branded brick that the drop is, in fact, coming soon. If the brand can slap their logo on nunchucks, salt and pepper shakers, pencils, and a money gun, what makes you think they'd pass on a lipstick, that's actually really pretty?

There's no doubt it'll cost you an arm and a leg though, so I suggest you start saving up now — you might also want to set up a tent and start camping out now too, because you know, Supreme.