Stranger Things 4

The 'Stranger Things' Cast Reunited For The First Season 4 Table Read & It's A Mood

by Ani Bundel

Stranger Things Season 4 is still many months away. Even though the series put out a trailer already, the real work of the new season is only just getting underway. As part of the Netflix's periodic reminders that the show will eventually return, there's a new Stranger Things 4 behind-the-scenes video that gives fans a look at the first day back on set for the whole cast.

This video is an exciting glimpse of the way Stranger Things operates, and not just because it gives fans a look at the actors out of character, arriving for their first day of work. It's also a window into how your television sausage gets made.

The video was filmed over Leap Day weekend in Atlanta, where the full cast came together in one room to do what's known as a "Table Read." This is the point in the process where everyone gets to hear the script lines from the full set of episodes read out loud, by the actual actors, for the first time.

Most of the stars look like they've been on vacation or at home living their lives. But take a look at David Harbour, who appears at the top of the video. His head's shaved, and he's leaner than he was previously.

Here's the full video:

Harbour looks like that because he's been filming parts of his role already, scenes that made up the first Stranger Things 4 teaser, which was released two weeks before this table read took place.

There are also a few faces present who might feel like a surprise for viewers. (Above and beyond the faces who have dominated the show since its arrival in 2016, at least.) Obviously, Maya Hawke, Priah Ferguson, and Cara Buono are all on hand, they were made main characters for Season 3. But Brett Gelman is also at the read, appearing at the end of the clip. According to Deadline, he's the latest actor on the show to find himself upped to series regular.

As for when fans can expect the next season of Stranger Things, that's still to be determined. With production only just getting underway in earnest, it seems unlike the new season will arrive until the end of 2020 at the earliest. According to TVLine, principal photography for Season 4 set to wrap by September of 2020, which would put the show ready for a holiday-timed release.