Stoli Lime-Flavored Vodka Is Here To Totally Upgrade Your Homemade Moscow Mules

I'm no bartender, but I do enjoy whipping up a quick cocktail every now and then. By "cocktail," I mean "mixed drink" that's made with one part booze and one part mixer. Sure, I'd love to learn more about cocktails and make delicious, multi-ingredient drinks from scratch, but I never committed myself to it. If you're on the same boat, rest assured that Stoli is here to help you upgrade your cocktail game. In fact, Stoli Lime-flavored vodka was announced on April 3, and it'll help you make cocktails without worrying about how much lime juice you should measure beforehand. Cheers to convenience, am I right?

When you think about it, limes are an important asset to cocktails. Whether you're squeezing limes into a Vodka Cranberry or pouring actual lime juice into a Gimlet, it's a necessary ingredient. However, it's always tricky to decipher how much lime juice will work in a drink without making it too sour (that's where I always mess up). Thanks to Stoli Lime, you won't have to worry about that anymore, because you'll get both the vodka and the lime flavor in one pour. TBH, it's perfect for those homemade Moscow Mules that you and your buddies make every weekend, don't you think?


Now, you're probably wondering what Stoli Lime tastes like. I don't blame you, though — you need to know what kind of booze you'll be adding to your cocktails during happy hour this weekend. According to Stoli's press release, Stoli Lime has an initial taste of "freshly pressed lime," which means you won't have to squeeze actual limes into your cocktails anymore (see you later, pulp). Apparently, the vodka has a "fruity" finish, which sounds perfect for summery cocktails. I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to add this to my liquor cart.

If you want to add it to your liquor cart, too, keep in mind that it's *still* 75-proof vodka (regardless of its lime flavor). With that being said, drink it responsibly.

Mike Oringer, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Trade Marketing for Stoli Group, talked about the new flavor in Stoli's press release. He said,

With the citrus-flavored vodka category growing at 11 percent and outpacing total vodka by more than 4 percent, our goal was to create a refreshing, versatile product to complement some of the most popular cocktails for bars and at-home occasions. Early testing showed that Stoli Lime has a natural taste and consumers prefer it to competitive brands currently on the market.

Yup, I'm already thinking about the cocktails that I'll be making with Stoli Lime this summer. I'm personally a huge fan of Moscow Mules, so I'll probably try making those first. In case you're wondering, a typical Moscow Mule is made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer, per Esquire. But with Stoli Lime, you'll get two of those ingredients in one pour.

If you're hoping to give Stoli Lime a try (and you're over 21 years old), go ahead and check your local liquor store. According to Stoli, the new flavor is currently rolling out nationwide. Again, drink it responsibly and get your cocktail game on.