This 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Has The Most Hilarious Easter Egg In The Galaxy

by Ani Bundel

Friday, May the Fourth was with fans, and ticket sales for Solo: A Star Wars Story were through the roof. But this doesn't mean it's the end of the Solo marketing blitz, not even close. Now comes the point where the 45 second TV spot remixes start showing up everywhere. Most are just retread of the theatrical trailers, but some have at least a few new seconds of footage attached to them. Such is the case of the latest TV spot, which has perhaps the funniest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer easter egg so far of the stand-alone film's scenes.

Like most of the details which have made fans cheer so far, this calls back to the original character set from the first trilogy which was released back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian has gotten most of the attention, Chewie's past life has also gotten a few spots filled in. For instance, in one trailer, fans have seen what looks like a girlfriend. In another trailer, the film has revealed the moment when Chewie becomes Han's co-pilot. (It also helpfully dated when the events of the film take place in the overall chronology by revealing Chewie's current age.) But this one reveals Chewie's personality hasn't changed much in the intervening years between the events of Solo and the events of the original Star Wars movie A New Hope.

Check out the trailer, which was posted over the weekend.

As I said above, it's mostly a remix. There are a few more frames of Solo's first meeting with Lando, and how Lando took a shine to Han's ballsy claims he's a pilot who's going to be "the best in the galaxy." The major crime boss Dryden Vos (played by Paul Bettany) speaks for the first time, and declares their little heist will need an extra fast ship and a very good pilot. (Obviously, the answers are the Millennium Falcon, with Han at the wheel and Chewie by his side.)

But then the trailer cuts to a scene between Beckett (played by Woody Harrelson) and Chewie at what looks to be a very familiar spot, the table in the Falcon's lounge area in the back and the game of 3D holo-chess known as "Dejarik," which has now become a staple of the rebooted series. (For instance, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Finn turns on the power in the Falcon and the game cues up right where someone left off playing.)

Is this also the same spot on the Falcon?


The upholstery is still on the couch, and the whole ship is way cleaner than in Star Wars: A New Hope, but it's the same spot.

Here it is in the original scene, sans upholstery, but it's the same table, same game, and same sore loser of a Wookie.

Obviously, Beckett has never had a C-3P0 protocol droid advise him the best course of action is letting the Wookie win. Instead, he practically taunts Chewie: "You can't wipe them off, they're holograms."

In this film they probably are holograms, but in the original, they were actually achieved by stop-motion animation, with character models created by the same team which invented the aliens in the famous Cantina.

According to Star Wars.com:

Originally Lucas had planned to use little people in costumes on a giant chessboard, but the movie Futureworld (1976) already featured a similar scene and effect, thus a new solution had to be found to complete the scene.

Perhaps this time, fans might even get a lesson in the rules of Dejarik, other than how to lose gracefully.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes to theaters on Friday, May 25, 2018.