A Santa Fe Student Called Out Tomi Lahren’s Tweets On Gun Control & It’s So Important

Tragedy struck the United States once again on Friday, May 18, when a school shooting took place in Santa Fe, Texas, leaving 10 dead and another 10 victims injured. It's an occurrence that's become all too common, and many are wondering why Second Amendment supporters continue to argue against stricter gun legislature. A student decided to call out one such vocal supporter, and this Santa Fe student's tweets to Tomi Lahren about gun control highlight a poignant flaw in anti-gun reform rhetoric.

A Twitter account purported to be run by Santa Fe High School student Bree Butler expressed the anger and frustration she feels that a shooting like this has happened yet again in this country. Butler also expertly unearthed a months-old tweet from Lahren — a conservative and controversial Fox News political commentator. In the tweet from Nov. 6, 2017, Lahren stated, "If you think it’s wise to lecture Texans on gun laws, I’m guessing you haven’t spent much time in Texas."

Butler called Lahren out on the comment she made concerning Texans. In her tweet, Butler (calling Lahren "tonya," which I assume is an attempt to troll the TV personality) said, "10 of my classmates died yesterday and 10 others were injured. i would LOVE to lecture any texan on gun laws."

Lahren's initial tweet was originally posted in response to the church shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that killed 26 people. That shooting took place on Nov. 4, 2017, and just two days following the tragedy, Lahren took to Twitter and defended her views on gun reform when current gun laws were criticized for being too weak.

Now that another high-profile shooting has taken place in the same state, Butler decided to illustrate that Lahren doesn't have the authority to speak on behalf of all Texans — especially where gun control and gun violence are concerned.

Butler also schooled Lahren after she directly responded to the Santa Fe High School shooting in a separate tweet, posted on May 18 after news of the tragedy broke. Lahren's tweet read,

Horrific news out of Houston. Our schools need to have the same level of security as our red carpet events! We don’t need to sacrifice our rights to keep schools safe, we need to take action to ensure safety measures are in place!

This statement didn't sit well with Butler either, and she replied back as a witness to the horrific events that day, saying, "again with the ignorant comments, tony. my high school had police presence. a shortage of security is not the issue. guns are."

She also referred to Lahren as "tony" in the tweet, confirming my trolling theory to be true — which is absolutely brilliant.

When another Twitter user replied back saying that Lahren likely meant that she feels security who "actually [do] their job" need to be put in place at schools, Butler clapped back and said,

my high school police officers are heroes of this story. officer barnes was the first to approach the gunman and was injured because of it ... we don’t need more cops, we need gun laws.

The gun control debate has been going on in this country for far too long, and far too many lives has been lost while virtually nothing has been done by Congress to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again. How many more school shootings will have to take place this year for serious change to finally happen? It's easy to defend the side that you believe is right in this debate — but real solutions won't happen if this issue isn't debated at all.

The real challenge comes when members from both sides choose to come together and focus on achieving true and long-term compromises on issues that threaten the lives of children in this country. "Enough is enough" has been repeated far too many times this year already. Time for real change.