A Royal Wedding Cruise Exists That'll Treat You & Your Friends Like Princesses

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to score an invite to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding that's coming up in May. But if you still want to experience the royal treatment just like the newlyweds-to-be, I have good news for you. A royal wedding cruise that will treat you like a princess exists, and it'll help you experience the upcoming nuptials as if you were a royal yourself.

This s not a drill, people. If you're really passionate about the upcoming royal wedding and want to go a step above just throwing a viewing party at your apartment, this royal wedding cruise is absolutely perfect for you. According to Travel + Leisure, a British concierge company is organizing a viewing experience for one lucky person that's fit for a king. The cruise takes place along the River Thames in Windsor, where the royal wedding will be taking place. The company Quintessentially said in a statement, “We will create a bespoke party for you and your guests to enjoy the wedding festivities from the heart of the action.”

Um, yes. Please sign me up.

So what will your day look like should you choose to experience this company's royal wedding extravaganza? Per Travel + Leisure, you and 50 of your closest friends will arrive at Windsor Racecourse at 10 a.m. on May 19. You'll enjoy drinks and light bites as you cruise the historic river aboard a 100-year-old coal fired steam boat. “Your skipper will cruise along the River Thames," the company reportedly said in a statement, "and during the wedding ceremony you will be docked at Windsor Promenade with spectacular views of Windsor Castle and St George’s Chapel.”

I mean, if you don't have an invite to the wedding, I think this is close to the action as you can get. This package will also include with a royal historian equipped with an arsenal of insider knowledge so that any questions you have along the way can be answered at the drop of the hat. What can be better than becoming a royal expert from an actual royal expert? I'd definitely be really into this.

You'll cruise the river and take in the views of Windsor Castle while enjoying great live music until 12 p.m., when the main event of the day begins. You and your guests will watch the royal wedding on screens that will be provided around the boat while enjoying lunch.

At around 1 p.m. you'll have the opportunity to disembark the vessel, tour the town of Windsor, and mingle while being guided by local hosts. At 2:30 p.m., you'll board on the boat again at enjoy more live music, afternoon tea, and (of course) drinks while you cruise the last leg of your journey. Your day wraps up at 4 p.m. when you return to Windsor Racecourse and disembark the boat.

Now this is what I call a royal wedding party. But as with all wonderful things in life, there is a catch. Your marvelous royal wedding day aboard the steam boat will cost you a hefty price tag of $59,000.

I mean, if everyone you invite chips in, the total cost per person could cost about $1,180, which isn't that bad if you think about it. But then there's airfare and accommodations that you'll need to arrange for the rest of your stay. But I bet that there is a diehard royal fan out there that is willing to go the extra mile for this experience of a lifetime. I mean, if I had the extra cash, I'd be the first person to sign up.

If you by chance are more fortunate than I am and are willing to pay the price for this royal wedding cruise, you can visit Quintessentially's website to request more information.

As for me, I'll be following through with my plan of waking up at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. ET and enjoy the wedding from the comfort of my couch.