I Got A $1,500 Haircut & I Feel Like Kate Middleton Now, So Cheerio

Amanda Fama

As of February 2018, I hadn't been to a salon for a haircut in over a year. I know, it's kind of absurd — but I just have a hard time bidding my long hair farewell. Sure, I've been to the hairdresser to get my hair dyed (one too many times in 2017), but I hadn't taken a scissor to it in well over 365 days. Luckily, waiting paid off, because I was given the opportunity to write a Rossano Ferretti salon review. In case you don't know who he is yet, I'll start with this: Ferretti's haircuts can reportedly cost up to $1,500. Yup.

When I told my dad I got a haircut that could be worth $1,500, the first thing he said was, "Did he turn your hair into gold?" And TBH, he kind of did (I'm exaggerating). When I first sat down in Ferretti's hair chair in his New York City salon (which overlooks a beautiful section of Midtown Manhattan, obviously), my hair was almost down to my butt. It was all one length, aside from the layers my bangs created when I grew them out. Between my overgrown 'do and bleached tips, I needed a cut. BAD.

However, I didn't want a drastic, recently-single kind of chop. I wanted layers, and I didn't want it to be too obvious. It turns out I was in luck, because Ferretti's haircutting technique — commonly known as "The Method" — is referred to as the "invisible haircut." The Method highlights a woman's natural look and accentuates subtle layers without the "blunt" appearance of a new 'do.

"The 'invisible haircut' is based on the natural falls of the hair. So basically, you speak with the hair. You feel the hair. And you follow that. It's the only way that you can really create a very natural movement," Ferretti told me. Speaking to your hair sounds new age-y and quite up my alley, so I said cajoled my hair into conversation.

Rossano Ferretti

Ferretti answered all of my questions while he was cutting my hair, so my experience was certainly a special one. He continued about his "method," and said, "My main point is to respect you, your personality, your desire, your wishes, and work on you."

I don't think any other hairstylist I've ever seen cared about my hair more than Ferretti did. After I asked him to describe his haircutting technique with one word, he said it'd be "revolution."

I agree. The haircut he gave me was without a doubt revolutionary. Although no drastic length was taken off, the layers he gave me are perfect for my style.

Amanda Fama

As you can tell, my haircut was subtle, but it looks so damn natural. Everything falls into place better than ever before, and I wasn't panicking in the salon chair at the end of the appointment (like I usually am). I loved it, and I still do.

While the haircutting legend was done chopping away at my locks, we talked about his product line, Rossano Ferretti Parma. I asked him how I should keep my hair looking like a million bucks, and his answer was "regimen." So, yeah, I suppose I should toss my over-the-counter shampoo and conditioner if I want to keep my hair healthy.

Rossano Ferretti

Ferretti's hair products can be found on his website or on Sephora's website. These products are no joke, guys, and I highly suggest giving them a try. I'm currently using his Grandioso 02 Volumising Shampoo ($39;, and it's freaking revolutionary. I'm also using his Grandioso 02 Volumising Conditioner ($42;, which leaves my hair feeling silky-smooth every single time I use it.

Out of all the products, though, I'm kind of obsessed with the Brillante 11 Protective and Shining Oil ($51; I was lucky enough to put this product in my hair after the cut, and it made my hair shinier than ever and took away the frizz (trust me, I have a lot of frizz). Next time you have some extra cash, give it a try.

Believe it or not, Ferretti put years and years of hard work behind his products. He tells me that he put three years into concocting ingredients, three years into testing them in his world salons, and three years into choosing their scents. That's pretty damn special — and now, I feel like a celebrity.

Amanda Fama

Speaking of celebrities, many Hollywood starlets have been seen at Rossano Ferretti salons around the world, including Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, the Olsen sisters, Lady Gaga, and more. So, yeah... I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing.

Amanda Fama

If it means anything at all, I am over the moon with my haircut, and my friends love it, too. Even though it isn't a huge change, it's perfectly subtle and makes my hair feel a lot livelier. I can totally understand why someone would pay a ton of money for it. However, keep in mind that my haircut would have been extra expensive since my appointment was with Ferretti himself. You can snag an appointment with one of Ferretti's talented apprentices, who also employ his celeb-level method, for around $155 dollars. You deserve it.