Juliet's balcony covered in pretty flowers overlooks Verona at the 'Romeo and Juliet'-inspired house...

You Can Spend The Night At This Romantic 'Romeo & Juliet' Inspired Home

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When you think of some of the greatest couples in history, there's no denying that Romeo and Juliet — aka, the OG lovebirds — first come to mind. It was Shakespeare's story of this iconic romance that may have been your introduction to true love back in English class. So with Valentine's Day coming up, it would be a dream come true to enjoy your very own Shakespearean romance by having a getaway in the Romeo and Juliet-inspired house on Airbnb.

For one night only, Airbnb is treating a lucky couple to a fairy tale stay at the very site where Romeo and Juliet first confessed their love — Juliet's balcony. According to the official press release, Juliet's balcony bedroom is located in Verona, Italy. Not only is it the balcony in the city where the story unfolded, but the room will also be decorated with the actual bed that was used in the 1968 movie adaptation of the story.

The Romeo and Juliet-themed stay includes a package of events that will take your getaway to another level. Along with the balcony bedroom, the winners will enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, an opportunity to read love letters that were sent to Juliet, a private tour of the home, and a special tour of Verona. So if you and your partner don't have any plans right now for Valentine's Day, you should definitely apply ASAP to win this dreamy stay.


If you want to be the chosen couple, all you need to do is pen your own letter to Juliet. According to the Airbnb listing, thousands of letters are sent to Casa di Giulietta every year from people across the globe who want to share their personal love story. Apparently, this tradition is the reason why Verona received its nickname of "the city of love." Who doesn't want to spend the holiday all about love in "the city of love" with the person they love most? It just makes sense.

That's why you need to start drafting your letter to Juliet so you might be chosen. In your letter, all you need to do is share your love story and why you and your bae are the best guests to stay in Juliet's home. Whatever you decide to share, if you are chosen, make sure to pack the cutest outfits for when you're exploring Verona, savoring a delicious meal prepared by a Michelin star chef, and sharing a Valentine's Day kiss with your love.


Finish off your romantic stay by reading the Juliet letters by a beautifully-decorated fireplace. You'll even get a chance to respond to a few letters that personally touch your heart. All thanks to Airbnb, this Valentine's Day, you won't need to ask "wherefore art thou Romeo?" because yours might be by your side, standing on a balcony while looking out at fair Verona. Now, that just may be the happily ever after you were always hoping for.

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