Here's How Emma Stone Is Reportedly Dealing With Pregnancy During The Pandemic

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This one's for all the La La Land stans out there, so try not to get too emotional. A reported Emma Stone pregnancy update is spreading across the internet, and she truly deserves all the happiness in the world. The Hollywood actress is still attempting to cope with the chaos of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak just like so many others, but she reportedly feels more blessed than ever to be healthy and a soon-to-be mother.

Rumors swirled throughout the first week of 2021 about a potential pregnancy for Stone and her husband Dave McCary, and were eventually confirmed by several outlets on Jan. 5 when photos emerged of the actress cradling her baby bump. Now, with fans scrambling to find out all the details surrounding her journey to motherhood, a new source is spilling some heartwarming details about Stone's experience thus far.

"She has always wanted a family and can't wait to be a mom," an insider source reportedly told E! in a Jan. 6 report. "She's felt very lucky that she got to be at home during this period of time and wasn't working long days on set."

Hollywood stars managed to work throughout 2020 amid the pandemic, but most productions have slowed or halted entirely at times and shifted their focus to preventing the transmission of COVID-19 on set. With productions on pause and some delayed for years, Stone's pregnancy came at a complicated time, but ultimately, she seems thankful for the time alone to prepare for the birth of her first child. E!'s source claimed Stone is spending "most of her pregnancy at her home in Malibu."

While Stone hasn't stayed put completely, the insider said, "she's done some traveling, but has mostly stayed close to home enjoying being a newlywed and pregnant." She seems to be spending the incredibly precious time leading up to her new-mom status almost exclusively with McCary, who she secretly married at some point in early 2020.

McCary and Stone met on the set of Saturday Night Live in 2017, where he worked as a writer and she hosted several times. Judging by the soon-to-be parents' talent, there's no doubt their child is going to be the funniest kid on the block.