You Can Count Down To Christmas With This Deliciously Sweet Reese’s Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are having a moment right now. From booze to food, it certainly seems like there is an advent calendar for everyone this holiday season. You've probably come across them during your online browsing or trips to the store. But of all the Christmas countdown calendars I've seen so far, this Reese's Advent Calendar takes the cake. Everyone knows that Reese's is the best candy out there — or that's my take anyway. This chocolate and peanut butter cup advent calendar is seriously the most delicious way to count down to Christmas.

You can buy the Reese's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar on Amazon for $16.89. At the time of publication, there were only two left in stock. If you are unable to order one, don't worry. Amazon is usually pretty good about restocking popular items in a timely manner. December is still a few weeks ago, so hopefully, Amazon will go about restocking the Reese's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar ASAP. (Keep in mind that Amazon prices tend to fluctuate frequently. While the calendar currently costs just under $17, that price could change without notice.)

Behind each of the 24 squares, you will find either a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or Reese's Pieces, according to the Amazon listing. By the looks of the pictures on Amazon, each serving of Reese's Pieces contains four bite-size orange and yellow candies. I know what you are thinking, that's not very many Reese's Pieces. I agree, but it is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.


This chocolate and peanut butter countdown calendar is a must-have for the holiday season. Although, good luck making it to Dec. 25. This Reese's Advent Calendar won't last long once I get a hold of it. Reese's are hands down my favorite candy. I don't think I'm alone in my opinions, either. Reese's seems to be well aware of just how much people love the chocolate peanut butter cups. On Halloween, the candy company set up a vending machine in NYC where people could go and trade in their unwanted candy for Reese's. If that's not the most clutch move ever, I'm not sure what is.

The dates on the front of the Reese's Holiday Countdown Christmas Advent Calendar are jumbled, so you'll have to go searching when the date pops up. On the backside of the advent calendar, you will find a holiday-themed word search to keep you occupied as you snack on your Reese's treat.

If this advent calendar isn't enough to satisfy your Reese's craving, then you'll be eager to know that the peanut butter candy company is dabbling in the world of baking. Recently, Reese's rolled out this game-changing bag of mini chocolate peanut butter cups and baking candies. Yesssss. I used a bag of the Reese's Baking Cups and Reese's Pieces Candy in a recipe for Monster Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars from one on my favorite recipe bloggers, Half Baked Harvest. It did not disappoint. I'd suggest you make a pan of these to supplement your Reese's addiction because one Reese's Advent Calendar is not going to be enough this holiday season.

Don't forget to keep checking back with Amazon to see when you can purchase your very own Reese's Advent Calendar.