BTS’ Jungkook Hung Out With Yugyeom, Mingyu & Eunwoo, So The ’97s Are Going Strong

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's always fun to see your fave celebrities hanging out with other celebrities. Recently, a few K-Pop stars from different groups got together for the ultimate celebrity dinner, and fans are absolutely loving it. This photo of BTS' Jungkook eating with Yugyeom, Mingyu, and Eunwoo shows these celebs having a fun night out and has K-Pop fans so hype.

On Sunday, July 28, BTS' official Twitter posted a photo of Jungjook from BTS, Yugyeom from GOT7, Mingyu from SEVENTEEN, and Eunwoo from ASTRO hanging out over a delicious-looking dinner. According to a translation from Koreaboo, the caption said "97," referring to the year all four were born, 1997, placing them all in their early 20s. Within the first 24 hours of being posted, the tweet already had more than 880,000 likes, 325,000 retweets, and 100,000 replies, showing that fans of all four groups were excited about the interactions between what many of them called "97 liners" or simply the "97ers" in some cases.

Needless to say, fans on Twitter responded with great enthusiasm to the photo. Twitter user @dreamjeons, referring to one of the '97 squad wrote, "it makes me so happy to see him with his friends, having a great time with them. please be happy everyday." Another Twitter user, @nufvra wrote, "Its [sic] so nice to see this. Brotherhood from other grps."

Jungkook has had quite a busy summer so far. In addition to getting dinner with his '97 pals, he's been making videos for ARMYs, recording songs, and getting into his usual shenanigans. On July 17, for example, the official BTS YouTube page posted a video of Jungkook trying to make a heart out of his hair for ARMYs. Hearts have a lot of significance in K-Pop culture — for example, the purple heart emoji, which means "I purple you" when ARMYs post it, is synonymous with "I love you and I see you." RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook also frequently make finger hearts with their forefinger on top of their thumb to indicate that they're thinking about ARMYs. Honestly, I don't care if it's Jungkook's bangs, a purple heart, or hand symbols — any time BTS throws up hearts, my own heart is guaranteed to melt.

Another heart-melting moment involving Jungkook? The singer's cover of "Look At Me" By South Korean singer George. On July 11, BTS' official Twitter posted audio of Jungkook covering George's February 2019 single, and Jungkook's vocals are as dreamy as you would expect. Fans absolutely adored Jungkook's cover of the song, responding to the audio with tweets like @ForeverpurpleV's message, "I’m always speechless. your voice is pretty and the lyrics you know you always get me and it always feels like an answer. so thank you I love you and I am happy to be connected to you."

Whether he's out having dinner with friends, covering songs by other South Korean musicians, or fashioning his bangs into a heart for ARMYs, it seems that Jungkook can do no wrong. Here's to more Jungkook-related goodness throughout the rest of the summer.