Ryan Reynolds' New Photo With Blake Lively & 2 Golden Retrievers Is Such A Mood

by Jamie LeeLo
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At the end of a long day, I like to wash my face, do a brightening mask, sip some tea, curl into bed, and check in on what's going on with my favorite celebrity couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They're serious #couplegoals with a dollop of #lifegoals on the side. They usually keep a low profile in their hometown of Bedford, NY where they live with their two children and a presumable orchard full of purebred horses and chickens who yield perfect organic brown eggs for breakfast. This photo of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with two golden retrievers gives off that vibe anyway, and it's making me catch a serious mood.

If you follow either celebrity on social media you might know they have an affinity for New Orleans. Back in 2011, both Lively and Reynolds starred in the film Green Lantern which was shot in the Big Easy. Local publication NOLA.com reports Reynolds once said, "I love New Orleans. New Orleans is a second home for me." Sure, I might feel that way too if that's where I spent intimate, formative time with my future wife. But, anyone who has been to New Orleans probably shares a similar sentiment. I went for exactly six days when I was a senior in college and the colorful homes, chill vibe, and omnipresent jazz music that poured through the air like wind made me feel right at home and like I was in a different country at the same time.

Sure, I loved my experience, but it didn't involve Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and two gorgeous pups. I mean, can you imagine? Music producer and family friend Korey Richey sure can. On June 8, Reynolds posted an awesome photo of himself and Lively sitting on either side of Richey on the stoop to a lovely home. Cradled in Richey's arms is a teeny tiny baby golden retriever, and behind him stands a proud adult golden retriever. No telling if this is the baby's mom or dad, but let's just say it is for funsies.

Reynolds captioned the picture, "New Orleans. As much as possible."

Agreed. I'd also like to add puppies as much as possible, stoops as much as possible, Blake Lively laughing as much as possible.

Prior to the puppy photo, Reynolds gave another nod to New Orleans on Instagram when he shared a photo of artwork created by local artist, Ashley Longshore (who also just happens to be the current artist in residence at Bergdorf Goodman and a close friend to Lively). She whipped up a floral masterpiece featuring Aviation Gin, aka Reynolds' most prized product endorsement. Reynolds is part owner of the popular booze brand and regularly reps Aviation Gin on his social media. He captioned the photo with Longshore's painting, "When legendary @ashleylongshoreart paints @aviationginlike one of her french girls. 📷: @blakelively."

Come on. Is it even possible to fantasize about Reynolds and Lively's lifestyle any more than I already have?

You know what they say: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. As much as possible.