Give Your Peeps A Sweet Home With This Adorable Chick’n Coop Cookie Kit

Peeps are popping up everywhere, and that can only mean one thing: Easter is on its way. If you're picking up a pack of Peeps to snack on this spring, why not give them the proper home they deserve like this Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit for Easter 2019? The do-it-yourself kit contains everything you need to build the perfect enclosure for the marshmallow sugar chicks. That is if you can keep them around long enough.

The Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit is seriously so cute for spring. What better way to showcase Peeps (aka the most adorable Easter candy ever, IMO) than an edible chicken coop made from cookies. According to the product description listed on Five Below, the kit includes six vanilla cookies, one yellow icing pouch, and five yellow Peeps marshmallow chicks.

The Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit is for sale at a few places, like Five Below. At the time of publication, there were only two cookie kits left in stock online, according to Five Below. While I happened to be on the Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit product page for Five Below, a message popped up that said 22 people have purchased the kit so far this week. Fingers crossed that there are more on the way because this looks so fun to make.

Rachel Murphy/Screenshot Five Below

However, the adorable cookie house can also be purchased from Amazon and American Sports House. I couldn't find it online at retailers like Target and Walmart, but keep an eye the next time you're buying groceries or shopping at your local drugstore. It's possible you may stumble upon the Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit. I just haven't been able to find it anywhere else yet.

The price varies greatly depending on where you buy it. For example, at Five Below, the Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit will only cost you $5. Orders under $5 come with a $6 shipping charge at Five Below. It seems kind of silly to pay more for shipping than for the actual product itself. So, check to see if you can find the cookie kit at a Five Below location nearby. Or, send it around to your friends to find out if they want to go all in on the Peeps Chick'n Coop Cookie Kit and order a few at once to save on shipping.

But, that price really isn't all that bad when compared to Amazon and American Home Sports. Amazon is selling the kit for $19.99 and, over at American Sports House the kit is going for $27.15.

Five Below

The Chick'N Coop Cookie Kit from Peeps looks easy to assemble, too. Per the instructions found on Amazon, you need to massage the icing packet for one to two minutes. This helps to loosen the icing up for optimal application. You don't want to walls of your cookie coop to come tumbling down on your Peeps, now do you. Next up, the instructions say to lay out all of the cookies and begin applying the icing to the front and back panels. Once you've done this, just stand up each piece and lightly press it together. The final step in the building process is to attach the roof using the icing. Then, just add the cookie ramp and you're all ready to decorate the coop.

The rest is up to you. Your Peeps can hang inside of the cookie coop or they can chill on the ground below. It's your call. I'm just not sure I could make it through building this entire Chick'N Coop Cookie Kit without eating all of the Peeps first. Wish me luck.