I Tried Milk Makeup's Hydro Grip Primer & My Makeup Stayed Put Without Powder Or Setting Spray

Stephanie Montes

I'm a makeup junkie to my core; however, my skin is fairly dry (well, everywhere but my T-zone). Unfortunately, this means certain powder products tend to look a little flaky on my skin. That said, I do everything I can to keep my skin as hydrated as possible at all times, but my methods don't always have the best effect on my makeup. For example, when I douse my face in oil, my face feels incredibly hydrated, but sometimes, this makes my makeup slide off. When I wear super creamy products underneath my beat, my foundation and concealer become more susceptible to creasing. But after doing my own Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer review, I realized this was the all-in-one product I've been missing all along.

First off, this brand new primer for buzzy beauty brand Milk Makeup is packed with hyaluronic acid. (Praise! I can check that box on my moisturizing list!) Second, in true Milk Makeup fashion, the primer is also loaded with hemp-derived cannabis seed extract to hydrate and plump skin. Plus, the prickly pear cactus extract and aloe water in the primer hydrate, soothe, and calm the skin, while blue agave extract soothes skin and grips onto makeup so it lasts all day. The best part? It's oil-free, so it will hydrate my dry skin, without leaving any greasy-looking or feeling residue.

Stephanie Montes

Needless to say, the minute I got this product on my hands, I was ready to slather this jelly-looking texture all over my face. The directions instructed me to pump one or two shots of primer on the back of your hand and apply to a clean face. However, because I wanted a bit extra hydration for my skin, I opted for three pumps.

As instructed, I use my fingers to smooth the product across my face, and I noticed it actually has an interesting feel to it. Though the primer felt really thick at first, no pilling occurred, thankfully. The directions also dictated that you should allow the formula to sit for one minute before applying anything on top of it, so it fully absorbs to activate the "grip" for all-day hold.

After applying, my skin looked like I just applied a thick moisturizer. Although I applied my normal skincare that morning (about an hour prior), my skin looked just as dewy and instantly hydrated. Fortunately, though the gel formula had a green tint, it applied clear and didn't leave a white cast on my face, which is great news for all skin tones.

Stephanie Montes

Milk Makeup recommends using the primer as the first step of makeup application (which I did) or wearing it alone for that glass skin look. While the primer dried, I noticed my face felt slightly tacky to the touch. However, I thought this was part of the "gripping" technology of the product. Nevertheless, I went on to apply my makeup like normal.

I applied a liquid foundation, cream concealer, and powder blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow. I skipped the setting spray and opted not to bake my makeup in an effort to really put the staying power of the primer to the test.

Hours later, I found that my makeup hadn't moved a bit — despite not setting it with powder or a spray — and my skin felt just as hydrated as it did when I started the process (like, really hydrated, in a bouncy way). It didn't look dewy or glassy, however, which could actually be the result of the foundation I used.

The Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer ($30, Milk Makeup) will be available on Milk's website beginning March 8, and judging from my first encounter with it, this super hydrating product is about to make a splash.