This Makeup Artist's Christmas Tree Lashes Are Going Viral On Instagram

by Kelsi Zimmerman

During the holiday season, your Instagram feed is likely flooded with tons of holiday makeup inspo — years past have seen the likes of candy cane eyes, Christmas light cat-eyes, and even Christmas tree brows Now, one makeup artist's Christmas tree lashes are 2019's boldest holiday makeup look yet. UK-based makeup artist, Kayleigh Golding, used faux lashes to create literal Christmas trees on her eyelids, and the look features tons of drama, volume, and sparkle.

Golding's Instagram account, @pinkishpiendel, is a makeup lover's wonderland, as it boasts tons of amazing eye looks to draw inspiration from. Most of her looks feature some variation of a dramatic cat-eye with sparkles, rhinestones, or an intricate graphic design. On Friday, Dec. 13, the MUA strayed away from her signature styles and posted an image of her Christmas tree lash creation, which is essentially false lashes stacked atop each other in a pyramid shape. Golding graciously shared all of the products she used, so you can recreate the look for any holiday festivities that call for you to go bold.

To create the look, the MUA first applied Haus Laboratories' Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow ($20, Haus Laboratories) in "Dynasty," a dark green shimmer, to the eyelid. Then, she cut up Ardell Lash's Demi Wispies ($12, Ulta) and strategically stacked them in a triangular shape to create the tree. To make the tree green, she coated the lashes with We Makeup's Ever Liquid Lipstick ($18, We Makeup) in "Kolumbo Peacock." Golding finished off the look by placing Glitter Palace's metallic red and gold sparkles onto the lashes as ornaments, and she topped off the tree with a gold star.

If Golding's Christmas-themed lashes don't get you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will. To be the star of your next holiday party, here are similar products you can use to achieve a look like this one.

For The Eyeshadow Base:

The key to the green eyelid base in Golding's look was a quick-drying, transfer-proof shadow with a lot of pigment. ColourPop's Crème Gel Colour Eyeliner pencil in "Teaspoon," an emerald green, will get the job done for just $6.

For The Lashes:

Golding used black lashes and then a green liquid lipstick to color the lashes. For a quicker, less-messy application, use green faux lashes, like these from Lash Tavern. Simply cut the strips into gradually smaller sections, apply lash adhesive to the ends of the lashes, and apply them from biggest to smallest until you've created your tree.

For The Tree Topper:

NYX's Shaped Glitter in "Electro" will give you the star shape you need to top your tree. To apply, grab a toothpick, dip the end into lash adhesive, pick up a star with the toothpick, and gently place it at the top of the lashes.

These Christmas tree lashes will no doubt draw a lot of attention at any holiday gathering — just don't get annoyed if fellow party-goers serenade you with "O Christmas Tree" all night long.