This Cordless Straightener Is So Good, I Straightened My Hair On An Airplane

by Stephanie Montes
Stephanie Montes

Every time I plan a trip, I have these grand plans to get a blowout and do my makeup before I take off — all in the hope I can arrive at my destination looking all kinds of fabulous. But amidst packing (sometimes minutes before my Uber picks me up), I fail to make time for a blowout, and with that, the rest of my travel beauty plans fall through. However, after reading this Lunata Wireless Rechargeable Touch-Up Iron cordless straightener review, you too are going to want to change your in-flight beauty game. Get ready for destination-ready silky hair you can style yourself mid-flight.

The way I see it, if my hair looks good before takeoff, it prompts me to take care of everything else, from my skin and makeup to my outfit. The truth is, I usually end up at baggage claim with my hair in some god-awful topknot and sweatpants, completing the look with bags under my eyes. But that's no more.

On a recent flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, I packed the Lunata Wireless Rechargeable Touch-Up Iron in my carry-on. It’s a full-sized, cordless straightener with narrow plates that can wave, curl, or straighten your hair literally anywhere. After charging it overnight, I planned to spend my 45-minute flight time getting ready for the picture-perfect landing I’ve always wanted. And you know what? I got it. Finally.

Once we hit a steady stride and were in the air, I switched it on and adjusted the temperature to the highest heat setting of 430 degrees. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to go much higher than the lowest 200-degree setting, so already I was impressed. After less than a minute, the straightener was hot and ready to use — again, impressive for a completely cordless device. I sat back, relaxed, enjoyed the in-flight entertainment, and got straight to straightening.

Stephanie Montes

With one single pass, my hair was glossy, frizz-free, and nearly pin straight. I went over my whole head a few more times to get it just how I like it: sleek, with a slight bend at the end. I didn’t even pack a brush, mirror, or clips — I just swiped through sections blindly and 20 minutes into the flight, my hair was nowhere near what it looked like when I first boarded.

By the time we touched down, I stop beating myself up about not getting that blowout. I could run my fingers through my hair and I was well on my way to stepping onto the tarmac with hair ready to blow in the wind. Once I was satisfied with how my hair looked, I packed the Lunata Wireless Rechargeable Touch-Up Iron back up in its heat-proof silicone sleeve and threw it back in my carry-on.

Never again am I ever leaving home without it.

Here's a pro tip before you store the straighter in your carryon before your next flight: Check with your airline before firing up you cordless straightener and risking getting carried off your flight. Personally, I don’t see a risk with this particular device, but if your airline forbids it, the rechargeable hot tool is still the perfect option to use at your gate before boarding or on the ride to your hotel.

Now you can go on road trips or glamping without sacrificing your 'do. Not to mention, it's a godsend if you ever get stuck in a power outage.