I Welcomed The Lunar Eclipse With A Restorative Yoga Flow & Here's What Happened

by Georgina Berbari
Georgina Berbari

This morning, I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. ET, so I could catch NASA's live stream of the super blue blood moon. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get a glimpse of the lunar event from my house, but I wanted to feel as connected as I could to this stunning rarity up in space. Even though it did turn out that I couldn't actually see the moon, I decided to partake in a lunar eclipse yoga flow around 6 a.m. to open my heart to the crimson colored moon through gentle, fluid movement and meditation.

The super blue blood moon this morning was a lunar trifecta with the super moon being in close proximity to the earth, the blue moon being the second full moon this month, and the blood moon describing the reddish hue of that majestic ball up in the darkened sky.

According to, the lunar eclipse was most visible to residents in New York between 6 and 7 a.m. but it was still only partially able to be seen.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see anything in the slowly lightening sky where I was located, but I decided to roll out my yoga mat and let the powerful lunar energy permeate through my practice.

Georgina Berbari

I started off in a restorative and soothing child's pose. I stayed here for much longer than I anticipated, simply letting my deep inhales and long exhales ebb and flow, and feeling gravity drawing my hips close to my heels. Any tension that was lingering in my lower back from the previous day slowly began to melt away, and I made a conscious effort to release my slightly clenched jaw, aiming to let my entire body be as relaxed as possible.

As I came out of my child's pose, vertebrae by vertebrae, I mindfully began to shift my body into a limb lengthening cobra pose. I normally wouldn't include backbends in my early morning practice, but I think something about all of the cosmic energy dancing around me was making my all of my muscles rather open and there wasn't a trace of stiffness in my body.

I knew that backbends would feel amazing, as I felt the power of the super blue blood moon coursing through my veins and down my spinal column.

Georgina Berbari

I then transitioned to rest in sleeping pigeon for a couple of minutes on each side of my body to luxuriously open up my hips and really focus on my deep, ocean breathing.

As I felt my hips tingling with the loveliest sensations, I knew that this was exactly what my body was seeking, and afterwards I realized, with surprise and curiosity, that what I was really craving was an expansive and dynamic camel pose.

I hadn't planned anything for this morning's lunar flow, I simply followed the intricate effervescence of the eclipse and how it made my body want to move.

The moon seemed to be inviting me to open my heart chakra, with sweet, slow, and sweeping motions as I softened into my camel pose.

Georgina Berbari

I flowed through a few more backbends, feeling my chest become even more expansive with each asana. I ended my physical practice with a series of seated forward bends and a restorative version of reclined bound angle pose. My whole body felt more relaxed, loose, and at ease than it had been in a while.

I silently thanked the moon as I meditated in Savasana. The feminine energy around me and lunar power seeping into my being made my meditation completely full of bliss, as my breathing took on its natural rhythm.

After I meditated, I decided to seal my practice with some reflective journaling and cleansing Palo Santo.

Georgina Berbari
Georgina Berbari

Looking back now, the super blue blood moon transformed my typical morning yoga flow into a wonderful and delicious heart chakra centered practice and unlocked the power residing within entirety of my being.

The rare lunar eclipse made me truly grateful for the vast universe surrounding me and the tiny, yet significant part that I play in it all.