Killing Eve

This Major ‘Killing Eve’ Theory Suggests Carolyn Isn’t Actually Who She Claims To Be

by Ani Bundel
BBC America

When Killing Eve first arrived on BBC America in 2018, it was something of a simple procedural series. There is an MI-6 agent, Eve (Sandra Oh). There is a serial killer assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Both women love their jobs way too much and enjoy playing cat-and-mouse with each other, to the point of a dangerous obsession. But over time, the series has begun to morph. Villanelle was revealed to work for a larger organization, called The Twelve, and now fans are starting to obsess themselves. The latest Killing Eve theory about Carolyn suggests the season arc mystery involving this shady cabal may go deeper than anyone knows. Warning: Spoilers for Killing Eve Season 3 follow.

Villanelle did not work on her own. She had a handler, Konstantin, a twisted father-figure, who handed her assignments. Sometimes, he warned her that their nameless superiors were less than thrilled when her murders got messy. Once Villanelle went so far as to ask him what number he was in the Twelve, but got no answer. Meanwhile, Eve's superior, Carolyn Marten, also mentioned The Twelve, but she wanted Eve to keep her eye on the murderess prize. So that was as far as it went.

Season 2 began to hint at a larger mystery concerning The Twelve. With Villanelle trying to get out of the business, a far more abusive handler, Raymond, started overseeing her and Konstantin disappeared. Then Eve went over to Carolyn's to drop off some evidence and found her hanging out with Konstantin, having tea. And it wasn't a social call. Konstantin was staying there for his protection, and to keep his daughter safe.

BBC America

But was Carolyn keeping Konstatin safe? Or was she the one threatening his family? Were The Twelve aware of this? Whatever Carolyn was doing, it was not through proper MI-6 channels, and when Eve gave Konstantin information of where his daughter was, he bolted from the Marten house, much to Carolyn's displeasure.

Eve assumed Carolyn was upset because she had just upended MI-6 plans. But fans aren't so sure. Moreover, Carolyn agreed to Eve's plan to bring in Villanelle to work with their team a little too quickly. The lines between MI-6 and The Twelve were blurring.

And then there was this exchange when Villanelle finally met Carolyn:

Villanelle: You’re the real boss, aren’t you?
Carolyn: Yes.
BBC America

On the outside, it seems like Villanelle is merely confirming Carolyn is Eve's direct superior on the operation. Until Eve demanded Villanelle tell her about The Twelve.

Eve: Who do you work for? Why are you killing these people? Do you not know?
Villanelle: Do you know who YOU work for?... Really? Because I think if you went high enough, you'd find we work for the same people.

Does Villanelle mean Carolyn? It's hard to get a read on Eve's now-former boss. Currently, she could be upset because MI-6 has installed someone over her to "oversee" operations, taking away her autonomy. Or perhaps she's upset because now she has to work harder to hide who she is.

With Eve and Carolyn about to be driven back together to investigate the death of Carolyn's son Kenny, these questions will only get more critical. Who is Eve really working for?