This Jose Cuervo Train Serving Tequila Is The Only Way I Want To Travel

You may have heard of a booze cruise but have you ever heard of a tequila train? If you've been itching to go on an alcohol-filled vacay (as long as you're 21 years and older), you're in luck. This Jose Cuervo Express tequila train will make all your wildest travel dreams come true — complete with a boozy, all-you-can-drink tequila bonus.

Per Delish, this Jose Cuervo Express starts in Guadalajara, Mexico and will take its adventurous riders to Tequila, Mexico, a town famous for its production of — you guessed it — tequila. Though there are three levels of tickets guests can choose from, all tickets include a round-trip train ride from Guadalajara to Tequila, an open tequila bar and snacks on the train (yeah, I said open bar), an expert tequila tasting, a tour of the Jose Cuervo Distillery, a visit to the agave fields for a jima (agave harvesting) demonstration, and a "Mexican show," per the Jose Cuervo Express website. The best part? The tequila adventure won't break the bank with all tickets priced under $150. The Express ticket is $2,100 MXN (~ $110 USD), the Premium ticket is $2,300 MXN (~ $122 USD), and the Premium Plus ticket is $2,500 MXN (~ $130 USD). If you're a true tequila fan, this might just be the journey of a lifetime.

For the die-hard tequila fanatics, the Premium Plus Ticket offers all the basics plus travel in the Premium Wagon of the Jose Cuervo Express, seasonal fruit to get your day started, and access to the Premium Bar which includes Maestro tequilero, Centenario, 1800 Tequila, Matusalem Rum, Vodka, and Whisky, just in case you feel like mixing things up.

There are three wagons on the train that correspond to your ticket type: Express, Premium, and Premium Plus. The Express wagons accommodate 62 passengers each and are "decorated with wood-panel walls and designed for maximum comfort," per the Jose Cuervo Express website. In the Express wagon, seats are divided into groups of four with a cup holder at each seat. Some coaches have a bar while others are designed to be more family friendly.

If you want to turn things up a notch you might opt for the Premium Wagon, with "spacious comfortable seats and tables for four," plus a bar and waiter service.

The most fancy option, the Premium Plus Wagon, features private tables for four, a bar, a bartender, and waiters "who won’t overlook anything."

Remember, though, each wagon comes with all-you-can-drink tequila so it's a win-win situation no matter where you're sitting.

There are even two different itineraries from which to choose for your adventure. There's a "Sunrise" itinerary that focuses on what's described on the website as, "Tequila: seduce your senses." And then there's a "Sunset" option — which still departs in the morning, mind you — that's described as, "The agave fields: the beginning of history." Both tours depart on Saturday mornings and last about 11 hours. Gotta love options, right?

You can check out the video of the train from the Mundo Cuervo YouTube channel.

If you can't make it to Guadalajara for the Jose Cuervo tequila train, there are other ways to get your tequila on a little closer to home. For example, your favorite Mexican restaurant On The Border is currently seeking a Chief Margarita Officer, so if you know how to shake the perfect margarita you should probably apply ASAP, especially since there is a Feb. 17 deadline. You can also visit your local Chili's and snag February's Margarita of the Month, the Grand Romance, for just $5. Enjoy the concoction made from Cognac, distilled essence of bitter orange, and Lunazul Tequila as you wait for March's Margarita of the Month.

Whether you decide t- make your way on the Jose Cuervo Express in Mexico or just enjoy some margs closer to home, drink responsibly and enjoy all the tequila-y sips!