This Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You know the feeling. You do something stupid, the heat rises straight to your face, your cheeks blush red-hot, and everyone is staring at you. It's called embarrassment, darling. None of us are exempt from its debilitating curse and yet, we'd all love to pretend that we're impervious to its effects. I mean, it's probably the biggest catch-22 about human existence that there could possibly be. While we really want to seem perfect, imperfection is completely unavoidable. Why not just accept each other for our flaws and take mistakes in stride? Well, that would just be a little too logical now. Naturally, we flawed mortals were given a little gift called "ego" when we were born. It's humiliation's biggest target and you know what? Your most embarrassing moment, according to your zodiac sign, will probably feel way too relatable for comfort.

Because of course, we're not all embarrassed by the same things. While one of us might run away and hide if they accidentally burp in front of an audience, someone else would rather die than be proven wrong. Since astrology has something accurate to say about every other aspect of our lives, it's no wonder it perfectly describes what makes us feel most humiliated too.


You always want to come out on top, so you're most embarrassed when you lose. Whether it's a game, a contest, a fight, or a breakup doesn't matter. When you get defeated so badly it hurts, you're going to feel like packing your bags, changing your name, and moving to a new city. You don't even know what the point of existence is if you're not winning.


When you're low on cash and your credit card gets declined in front of all your friends, you're speechless with humiliation. You love being perceived as stylish, luxurious, and most of all, responsible. If you reveal that you're just as thoughtless about your priorities and responsibilities as everyone else is, you might feel worthless, like you have nothing to be proud of.


When you try to say something funny or clever and the joke falls completely flat, you're embarrassed beyond recognition. You pride yourself in being able to work the room, in being able to amuse and entertain everyone around. If you make yourself look unintelligent (because sorry, you're not a genius) or worst of all, you offend someone with your humor, you'll want to crawl under a rock.


You're most embarrassed when you attempt to hug, high-five, compliment, or love someone, and you're totally rejected. Whether it's by ignoring you, shrugging you off, or flat out telling you they don't reciprocate your love, you're torn apart. You just want everyone to love each other but, most of all, you want everyone to love you. If you're not lovable, you feel like you're nothing.


Not gonna lie, it's easy to embarrass you. You always behave like you have an audience, which is why you feel like all your mistakes are being broadcasted on live news. However, your most humiliating moment imaginable would be you doing something so embarrassing that everyone in the room starts laughing, or maybe even going so far as to boo you off stage. Think the reaction that Fergie got to butchering the National Anthem. You would definitely not be able to laugh along. Being self-deprecating is rarely, if ever, your thing.


Being criticized, especially in front of people, makes you blush with complete and total embarrassment. You have a very strict sense of right and wrong and you love seeming like the most level-headed person in the room. If someone calls you out and accurately points out all your mistakes and weaknesses, you're going to want to vanish into thin air, never to be seen again.


You love being perceived as graceful, elegant, and poised. This is why slipping and falling in front of everyone, accidentally farting, burping, or doing anything that exposes you as a living, breathing human-being rather than some untouchable deity tears you apart inside. You work so hard to elevate yourself above other clumsy mortals that dispelling that belief just plain hurts.


You have an air of mystery that surrounds you at all times and you'd like to keep it that way. Your secrets might as well be top secret CIA material, which is why you're completely obliterated when any of your secrets get out. Let's be real, you have some bizarre secrets that totally reveal just how big of a freak you truly are. Are you ready for that info to get out? Ab-so-freaking-lutely not.


When you're revealed as being just as fake about everything you preach as the rest of us, you're completely humiliated. You always want to be thought of as the philosopher in the room, the person with the most open, tolerant, and poetic mind of all. However, the people who know you best know that that's not always the case. When you're caught red-handed being basic AF, you're dead inside.


When someone proves that you're not as "experienced" or "skilled" as you think you are, the embarrassment comes rushing in. Worst case scenarios include someone finding holes in your resumé during a job interview, a teacher exposing a flaw in your technique in front of the whole class, or a competitor over-shadowing your sense of worth. You'll go straight home and beat yourself up about it.


You have a seriously deadly case of FOMO, which is why you're totally destroyed by embarrassment when your friends get together and have the best time without you. You automatically start imagining them talking sh*t behind your back and lavishing in your absence. Worst of all would be them talking about an event you're not invited to right in front of you.


If you hurt, betray, or ironically, embarrass someone and the whole world things you're a total a*shole for doing it, you're completely humiliated. You pride yourself on being kind, compassionate, and loving. The idea of you causing someone else harm just ruins your entire sense of self. You hate jerks and when you get caught being a jerk (because even you're a jerk sometimes), you're devastated.