The One Thing That Offends Each Zodiac Sign Is Actually Pretty Surprising

It feels like every single time I log on Facebook, I see someone complaining about how we're all so “offended” by everything these days. Usually I scroll right past these inane statuses and continue living my life because seriously, how annoying is that? It’s human nature to be offended once in a while! It’s our way of expressing our disapproval over something. It’s how we show that we care. If you’re not offended, you’re not paying attention. You’re letting your world fall to pieces and you’re not even standing up for yourself. And you know what? It’s hilarious to me that some people think they’re somehow exempt from being “offended.” Identifying the one thing that offends you most, according to your zodiac sign, proves just how offended we all truly are (even though we want to pretend like we’re so above it all).

OK, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I will admit that some people do get offended by the silliest things. For example, if you’re offended by what color Starbucks decides to make their coffee cups during the holiday season, I don’t even know what to say. There are far more important things to worry about in this world, you feel me? It’s all about picking your battles wisely and using your voice for things that truly matter to you.

Now, let’s talk about what each zodiac sign finds offensive. If you don’t want to talk about it, then truthfully… I’m pretty offended right now.


You're motivated by competition, Aries, and the idea of being second best makes you sick to your stomach. If someone so much as makes a smart ass remark about your short-comings or worst of all, gloats when they beat you at something, they better bet you're offended.


You expect things to be done your way, Taurus. This is why you're always offended when someone tells you that you're doing it wrong. You've worked hard to settle on your opinions, to figure out the best way to go about life. It's like they're insulting your intelligence.


You pride yourself in being the wittiest person in the room, Gemini. If someone makes fun of you for something you said or reacts to what you're saying as though it's stupid, you'll take extreme offense. They're obviously just envious of your charm.


Being an irreplaceable part of people's lives is very important to you, Cancer. This is why you're always offended when your loved ones start hanging out with someone else instead of you or when they say something that makes you feel like you're not needed. This is an issue of loyalty, for goodness sake.


You love having all eyes on you, Leo, which is why you're absolutely offended when you're not getting the attention you deserve. If your presence isn't acknowledged, if your talents aren't praised, if someone, God forbid, decides to ignore you, they better be prepared for your wrath.


You remember every little detail someone tells you, Virgo, which is why it really grinds your gears when they can't do the same for you. When someone asks you what your name is for the billionth time, you're definitely offended. How selfish can they possibly be?


Libra, you pride yourself in being suave, charming, and admired for how cool you are. If someone teases you or laughs at an embarrassing thing you did, you will never forget and you will never forgive them. You believe that making someone feel insecure is extremely offensive.


You take everything seriously, Scorpio. From your relationships to your passions in life, you give your all and you don't hold back. If someone makes light of something you find extremely important, you will be offended and you will let them know about it.


You're positive and optimistic by nature, Sagittarius. Always wanting to get the best out of everything, you get offended when someone pokes holes in your balloon and goes out of their way to point out the negatives. Basically, you're offended by people who are offended by everything. Why do they have to be such a drag?


You're disciplined and highly ethical, Capricorn. In fact, the thing that offends you most is when lazy, privileged people get what hardworking people deserve. The idea of someone being handed something that you've struggled you're entire life for offends you to no end.


You care deeply about making the world a better place, Aquarius, and you're always trying to influence positive change. When someone says something politically incorrect or they make it clear they don't care about something very important to you, you'll be offended on behalf of all humanity.


Kindness, above all, is the most important thing to you, Pisces. Let yourself fail at everything in life but you'll be damned before you're ever mean to someone. This is specifically why you're extremely offended in the face of cruelty. They should just shut the Hell up if they don't have anything helpful to say.