15 Tweets About The Moment You Know You're In Love That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Retweet

The hippies will tell you that love is all around us, while indie musicians will sing about finding love in coffee shops until the sun comes up. But what more can be said about love, specifically in 280 characters or less? I thought you'd never ask. Twitter users around the globe are describing the moment you know you're in love — in one tweet, no less. From sharing smiles and laughs to feeling warm and comforted, the moments shared are emotional. Like, you're going to want to reach for the tissues, emotional.

Every movie about weddings seem to have that, "Love is patient, love is kind" quote in them. And while dating surely comes with its ups and downs, falling in love can be a beautiful time to be patient and kind with yourself, in addition to another person. Whether you're newly in love or if you've been dropping ily for a while now, you may already know the exact moment you totally fell in deep.

Although love looks different for everyone, and falling in love means something new and special for each person it happens to, these 15 tweets about falling in love are sure to make you feel all warm inside.

Go For Gold
kagemena on Twitter

I love personal goals, ambitions, and being 100 percent yourself all the time.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
claire_milam on Twitter

I had a crush on my 10th grade English teacher and her ringtone was that home is wherever I'm with you song (Editor's note: "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros). Whenever I hear it in a drug store, I think of her.

Our Own World
styleskid11 on Twitter

I deeply relate to the "our own little world" sentiment because my voice is naturally loud and I always forget that I'm in public and inevitably start discussing sex with people and don't realize that everyone in the cafe can hear me.

I Want What's Best For You
kwizz on Twitter

Wanting your boo (or even your friends and family) to succeed is an amazing feeling.

See The Future
sarahhg15 on Twitter

I'll be honest, this one made me think about That's So Raven.

Forget Me Knot
muneathjoy on Twitter

From a song on the radio to a meme to a shirt in a store window — sometimes little pieces of your SO are all around you.

Real Deal
maddyglose on Twitter

Now, that's amore.

Comfort Is Key
lvurendivz on Twitter

Me: I love being on our phones and not talking, while sitting in the same room together.

Bae: Sigh. Me too.

Daydream Believer
gravitydies on Twitter

As Drake would say, "Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on."

Trust The Process
liamowalyzeczka on Twitter

Honestly, this is so real and sometimes your feelings aren't fully realized until after you take some time and space to reevaluate.

Roses Are ~Read~
iavieasale on Twitter

Sometimes you need to be fully head-over-heels, in-it deep to understand cheesy poems. Sometimes, some of the poems will never make sense, no matter your romantic status. Looking at you, Gertrude Stein.

Time Stops
lookintomymoira on Twitter

Love is when your boo is being absurd in public, but you don't mind because you're just happy to be around them. Or, in internet terms, when they're "off-brand," but you like them so much that you're open to adjusting your "brand" to make loving them even though they're "off-brand" actually "on brand."

Beauty Of Friendship
moonttaeill on Twitter

Romantic love rocks, but it's certainly not the only type of love around. Friends are so amazing, and falling platonically in love with them is real.

Memories Are Forever
skyler_rehannnn on Twitter

Kissing by a bridge sounds hot.


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Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Although you may be able to pick the one moment when you really knew — sometimes, love grows overtime, and others, it just kind of happens. From friends to family to romantic partners, love is all around us, and getting to share it with others (on Twitter or IRL) is a really special thing.