Don't Be Nervous, This Is The Best Text To Send Your SO's Parents After You Meet Them

by Korey Lane

Meeting your partner's parents can feel like a pretty huge milestone in a romantic relationship. And while that may not the case for every relationship, if you've just met your partner's parents and it went well, you might want them to know how much you enjoyed spending time with them. In that case, what's the best text to send your SO’s parents after meeting them for the first time? According to an expert, it might be best to keep it simple.

Picture this: You've just left your partner's parent's house after a lovely dinner. It was your first time meeting them, and things went really well! They asked you questions and you laughed at bae's dad's jokes, even if you wouldn't actually LOL if they came from anyone else. But even if the meeting didn't go as well as you hoped, you love and care for your partner and want to foster a positive relationship with their parents. Either way, you whip out your phone and get a text ready to send them. But what do you say? That you had fun? That you want to grab lunch soon? Well, it depends.

"Some parents are tech savvy and like to text friends and family frequently," online dating expert Julie Spira tells Elite Daily. "If this is the case, they should be open to a friendly thank you text if your meet-and-greet went well."

So, go for it! But first, do consider making sure your significant other is cool with it, and ask if they have any advice. These are their parents, after all. "Before you push the send button, ask your partner if it’s OK if you send a text to his or her parents to say it was great meeting them, and let your partner help you decide if it’s appropriate," Spira adds. "After all, you are a couple, so it’s the type of decision you should make together." Then, strategize.

"This is the time where two texts aren’t better than one," Spira explains. You don't want to send identical texts to your partner's mother and father, because the key to this is keeping it simple. "Pick the parent, usually the mother, and send one text, addressed to both of them," she adds. "Otherwise it will be a case of overkill."

Every situation is different, but when thinking about what exactly you should type, Spira outlines a good basic template. "Keep your text short and simple," she explains. "Just saying, 'Hi (insert their first names), It was great to meet you! Thank you for your hospitality and I look forward to seeing you again,' should work well."

Again, keeping it simple is probably your best bet. Even if it doesn't feel exactly necessary to send your SO's parents a text after meeting them for the first time, Spira advises that it's usually a good idea. "Sending a text in today’s times is the equivalent of mailing a hand-written thank you note of days gone by," she explains. You have nothing to lose, if you think about it.

Most importantly, remember that sending this one text doesn't define your relationship with your partner, or your relationship with their parents or family. Try not to overthink it, and be as genuine as possible. "Sending a text after you meet shouldn't have an agenda to be included in future family group texts," she adds. "Sending a text shows you’re respectful and appreciative of their time, and desire to meet someone important to their son or daughter."

It really is as simple as that. Texting your SO's parents after meeting them for the first time is a great way to forge a relationship with them, but it isn't the most important thing in the world. If you and your partner think it might be awkward to reach back out, then don't! If you want to get to know their mom or dad more, then do! Do what feels right for you and your relationship. You can't go wrong either way.