Instagram's Latest Update Will Help You Keep Up With Your Favorite IGTV Creators

Courtesy of Instagram

I don’t know about you, but I — personally — could surf the web for hours upon hours, with the soul purpose of seeking out cool new content. And if your ambitious browsing habits are at all similar to mine, there's a relatively likely chance that you, too, are an avid IGTV user. The year-old Instagram feature essentially allows creators of all kinds to upload long-form videos to the app, and as of Thursday, Feb. 7, Instagram's new update with IGTV previews in feed will start helping you find even more videos from all your favorite creators, ensuring you don't miss out on any of them.

Instagram launched its latest IGTV feature as of Thursday, Feb. 7, and I'm simultaneously excited and a little nervous (for my social life, that is). According to press materials sent from Instagram to Elite Daily, the new update will let you see previews of all the latest IGTV videos from people you follow in the comfort of your Instagram Feed right there on the Instagram app, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of their latest and greatest IGTV uploads. To make sure you can hear the preview, simply tap on a video in your Feed upon opening the app. That way, the audio will definitely be turned on. Get ready for your Sunday routine to solely consist of Instagram, IGTV — and alas — more Instagram.

If you find the IGTV preview you just watched so interesting that you want to watch the IGTV video in its entirety, doing so from the Instagram preview is 100 percent simple. According to Instagram, all you'll have to do is tap the IGTV icon on the video, which will automatically bring you to the full version in IGTV. Once the IGTV video is over, you will automatically be brought back to your Feed. If that one video ends up inspiring you to browse even more IGTV content, on the other hand, simply swipe up while the video is playing. That will open IGTV, allowing you to browse all different kinds of videos.

Courtesy Of Instagram

This spankin’ new IGTV feature will not only assist viewers in finding new content, but it should also benefit each and every creator. That’s right — these glorious new IGTV previews will allow said creators to share minute-long previews of their video to their Instagram Feeds whenever they upload a new IGTV video, according to the press release. It will also enable them to share 60-second previews of their video to their Instagram profiles. So in the end, it will end up assisting the creators in advertising their IGTV content and channels. So, content creators, get hyped.

Well y'all, it looks like today is panning out to be no ordinary Thursday. As you can see, IGTV is clearly undergoing the glow-up of 2019, and I — personally — am so ready. You should be able to see the update in the full rollout, but if you don't see it right away, you can always update the app to see if that helps things move along, per Instagram. Be prepared to spend centuries in your bed watching videos, because now logging into Instagram is essentially a gateway into spending hours on IGTV. Goodbye social life, hello to all the browsing.