This New Beer Made Just For Dogs Means You Can Crack Open A Cold One With Your Pupper

It would definitely be an understatement to say that I would give an arm and a leg for my family's dog, Beckett, and anybody who's ever had a pet of their own would probably say the same. And while I'm always down to enjoy a drink alongside my furriest friend of all, this Good Boy Dog Beer has completely changed the game. It's a non-alcoholic brew that's actually good for your pupper, so it's pretty safe to say I'll be cracking open a cold one with Beckett later. Cheers to the fur-reakin' weekend, am I right?

Good Boy Dog Beer's website is truly intriguing. It offers a total of four different dog beer flavors, and each have extremely clever names, from the IPA "Lot In The Yard" which is pork-based, the Mailman Malt Licker which is chicken-based, the Session Squirrel which is veggie-based, and last but not least, the Crotch Sniffin' Ale (which is undoubtedly my fave), and that one's peanut-based. Even though they don't sound quite like the kind of beer I'll be sipping later tonight (LOL), they seem like quite a tasty treat for any butt-sniffing doggo. Not only do they supposedly taste good on the tongue of your pup, but each and every one of them is also packed with a ton of nutrients and health benefits.

Good Boy Dog Beer

The canine lovin' creators behind Good Boy Dog Beer, Megan and Steve Long, started brewing these craft brews for their oldest boy, Rocky, who has a wide variety of food allergies and sensitivities, according to the website. So, they decided to concoct these all-natural liquid treats for Rocky — not with the "dog beer" idea in mind,— but in hopes they would help cure his tummy troubles. The IPA Lot In The Yard contains bone-in pork butt, ginger, mint, fennel, turmeric basil, celery, and filtered water, for example, while the Crotch Sniffin' Ale contains unsalted peanuts, unsalted almonds, whole grain oats, cinnamon, and filtered water. So they're quite delicious and nutritious, I guess!

Anyway, after brewing these natural concoctions for their best boy, according to the website, the Long family started to notice that Rocky was experiencing far less allergy outbreaks than usual. So, they started selling them, ingeniously labeling them as "beer" for dogs. Now you can buy these liquid treats for your pupperoo in pubs and stores throughout Houston, Texas (where the creators hail from). But if you aren't living in the monumental Texas city, you can also order them online. One can will cost you $5 and four cans go for $18. But if you ask me, a dog-gone good craft ale is totally priceless.

Good Boy Dog Beer

Getting the chance to spend a little extra quality time and knock back a cold one with my beloved pupper is truly all I could ever want in this cruel world. As somebody who is totally and utterly pup-sessed with their doggos, I can honestly say this is going to be my next online purchase. Beckett, get ready for the night of your life.