Here's What You Can Expect To Happen Between Sansa, Jon, & Dany In 'GOT' Season 8


Most seasons of Game of Thrones have a specific structure to them. The season premiere is the table-setter, reminding viewers where all the pieces were left on the board. The ninth episode is the action pinnacle; it's where the shock deaths and the big battles go. The finale is the fallout and resetting, giving the season a sense of closure. But Season 7 didn't follow the pattern. Instead, it ended on a cliffhanger as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow headed for Winterfell. Now, a new Game Of Thrones spoiler about Sansa, Dany, and Jon suggests their arrival won't be welcome.

To be fair, Jon Snow isn't thinking politically when he invites Dany and her entire armed forces to head north with him. (Jon Snow never thinks politically. It's his big failing in life. Ask Ollie.) Sansa, on the other hand, thinks nothing but politically. It's a skill set she picked up after studying extensively at the school of Cersei and Littlefinger in King's Landing.

Sansa's ability to spin things to make Winterfell's lords and supporters happy is a skill set she's been using to help Jon since Season 6. It's one she'll need to call upon again when he gets home with his girlfriend and her somewhat oversized, fire-breathing pets.


Sansa's feelings on the matter were confirmed this week when Entertainment Weekly spilled a few secrets about the Season 8 premiere.

How these fan favorites get along drives much of the drama this season (okay, here’s one specific tease from the premiere — Sansa isn’t thrilled that Jon bent the knee to his fancy new Targaryen girlfriend, at least not at first).

Personally, I find this more than a little understandable. Consider Jon's northern supporters. These are men who refer to Daenerys as "The Mad Queen." Some of them are old enough to remember her father, who murdered Ned Stark's father and brother.


Jon worked hard to get these men to accept there's a threat coming from the north they haven't seen yet. He's already upset some of them by trusting wildlings to be part of the coming fight. Now, he's going to walk in and say "Hey dudes, you know how you made me King of the North? Yeah, I gave it up to this chick, and wow is she great in bed. Oh, don't worry about the dragons and Dothraki, just keep your kids inside at all times and it will be fine."

Talk about throwing away all the goodwill you've developed. This is akin to pulling a Robb when he alienated the Karstarks in Season 3. Of course Sansa's not going to be happy. And this is *before* she finds out Jon Snow's actually Aegon Targaryen.

Naturally, Sansa will come around. Dragons are quite useful in a fight, and Dany is a battle-tested leader who is on the side of the north. She might even respect Dany's political skills once they go toe-to-toe.

Fans will have a fun time watching how this relationship develops. Game of Thrones Season 8 arrives on HBO in the spring of 2019.