An Inflatable ShotSki Float Exists, So Pool Days Just Got Better

Courtesy of FUNBOY

With patio season well in session, chances are that you've been on the lookout for accessories to up your pool game. While there's no shortage of floaties to help keep you dry during your dip, you'll want to check out this FUNBOY ShotSki pool float if you're looking for something to help your drink(s) ride in style, too. The best part? This cool shot-taking contraption is under $20, so get ready for your summer to be so lit.

During the summer, my priorities are spending as much time as possible in the pool while keeping my sips within reach at all times. Luckily, plenty of floaties with built-in drink holders exist to make that a little easier, because who wants to have to get out of the pool to grab their cocktail or spiked seltzer?

While I'm all about the chill day drinking, there are those occasions when your pool party becomes more of a rager and you're in need of a shotski to hold your libation of choice while you and your friends pound shots. Enter FUNBOY's inflatable ShotSki, which is basically just like the classic downhill ski minus the heavy wood and potential for broken glass.

According to the FUNBOY website description, the floatie is inspired by the design of a retro ski and features space for four shot glass holders carefully spaced on the 6 foot design. You don't have to worry about spilling, because the holders are "precision cut" to fit man different types of shot glasses. The Shotski, which is only $19, also comes with four plastic custom collectable FUNBOY shot glasses, which are BPA free and won't break if you somehow do drop them.

While the floatie looks like it's designed for pool use, I can honestly see myself bringing this bad boy to any occasion that might require some group shots (as long as everyone is 21 years and older). It's easy to transport (according to the website description, the flexible product can easily fold up and fit in your pocket), and it's so easy to inflate at any party with just a few breaths. There's really no reason to worry about dealing with an actual shotski when you've got the inflatable version around, and it's just an added bonus that it'll make a fun addition to any 'Grams you take at your next party.

Just one word of caution: Even though this inflatable shotski looks like it's so easy to tote around and promises to take your next shot-taking experience to the next level, you're still going to want to drink responsibly while you're in the pool to prevent any injuries or mishaps.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a more chill floating n' sipping experience, you can also check out FUNBOY's new Neon Pink Palm Tube and Drink Holder set. The vibrantly-printed tube, which retails for $39, matches with the brand's $35 drink holder, which boasts three cup holders for drinks as well as a 12-inch central container for ice and your bottles of choice.

Summer is halfway over, so I'd make sure to check out these options and make some moves on giving your drink holders a stylish upgrade before pool season comes to an end.