7 Best Pieces Of Friendship Advice Peyton & Brooke From 'One Tree Hill' Taught You & Your BFF

It’s been years since Peyton, Lucas, Brooke, Haley, and Nathan graced your TV screen every week on One Tree Hill, but any true fan of the show knows the iconic series made a lasting impact. It might have been your first taste of true love, and butterflies filled your stomach when Lucas told Peyton her art really mattered. There was a lot of drama that went down, and you cried with Peyton when she said, "People always leave." Though, through the ups and downs, some of the best scenes were between Brooke and Peyton, and it was the friendship advice from One Tree Hill that still sticks with you and your bestie to this day.

Peyton and Brooke might have been your first example of BFF goals. You thought you were just watching the drama unfold week to week, but you’d be surprised at all of these seven examples of friendship advice that you were actually consuming. This beloved show could even be one of the many reasons why you and your bestie have stayed tight all these years.

So to celebrate your BFF status, you might want to plan a throwback night. Re-watch all of the old episodes like you used to with the P. Sawyer to your B. Davis.

Never Forget That Your Friendship Comes First

Peyton and Brooke's motto was always "hoes over bros." Despite all of the love triangle and relationship drama, these two always came back together. You and your bestie know that you will always put each other first, because they mean so much to you.

Nicknames Bring You Even Closer

Peyton and Brooke had the cutest nicknames for each other: P. Sawyer and B. Davis. It was like a little inside joke just between these two besties. That special friend code brought them even closer, and this iconic duo may be why you and your bestie have awesome nicknames of your own.

Be Completely Honest With Each Other

The number one rule of being a true best friend is that you have to be completely upfront and honest with each other. A great example of this in the show is when Peyton admitted to Brooke that Lucas said he wanted to see Brooke next to him when his dreams came true. As much as it hurt P. Sawyer to say it, she knew that B. Davis needed to know.

Be There Through The Good Times And The Not-So-Good Times

There was a lot of drama on One Tree Hill. You and your bestie may not have to deal with the same relationship woes, but you know that you will always be there for each other through the good and the bad. Your bestie always has a shoulder to cry on when they need one, and vice versa.

Always Have Each Other's Back

If you learned anything from Peyton and Brooke, it was that no matter what, you always have your bestie's back. Just like when Peyton found out that Julian and Brooke were a thing, she went straight to Julian to tell him to be good to her BFF. You protect your best friend's heart at any cost.

Make Time For Best Friend Adventures

Even if you have busy schedules or live long-distance now, Brooke and Peyton showed you and your bestie that you always need to make time for adventures. Just like when this duo took Brooke's dad's boat out for the day, and had their own fun. You and your BFF need to plan as many Sunday brunches, road trips, and beach getaways as possible.

Always Be There, No Matter The Distance

You and your BFF may live in different states or across the globe, but that will never stop you from being there for each other. You may not be able to move back home like Brooke did for Peyton, but you will always be there to respond to texts and pick up the phone whenever they call.