OK, So What's The Deal With Fenty Skin's Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream?

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Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily
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With thousands of beauty brands crowding virtual shelves and influencers touting a new product every day, how do you decide what's actually worth a shot? You leave the trial and error to the pros. In Elite Daily's new beauty review series, What's The Deal With..., we'll sift through and test the buzziest products to give you an honest, no-bullsh*t look at how it works IRL, from the price and packaging all the way to the actual results. From there, you can decide which ones deserve a coveted spot in your beauty arsenal.

I could be wrong, but I have a strong hunch that Rihanna’s Fenty Skin was born from the singer’s sheer frustration over people hounding her about R9. It’s like she said, “Y’all need to chill. Do some skincare.” Honestly? Genius because, for a brief moment, fans have turned their focus away from a new album and onto her new products, more specifically Fenty Skin's Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream. The gel-cream moisturizer couldn't have come at a more perfect time, particularly with cold weather on the way. If you're on the fence about adding it to your already overflowing skincare collection, this Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream review makes a case for it.

This moisturizer follows the throughline of Rihanna's other Fenty Skin products in terms of being recyclable and refillable, so you don't have to purchase a new component every time. The formula packs a solid punch, too. In the Gel-Cream ($40, Fenty Skin), specifically, buzzy ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid work overtime to even out dark spots and blotchiness and lock in moisture. At the same time, less common ingredients like Japanese raisin tree and Australian lemon myrtle detoxify and refine the appearance of pores.

All of this sounds great on paper, but does the product hold up IRL? Because b*tch better have my results. After trying it for several days, here's how I'd score the feel, the smell, the packaging, the ease of use, the price, and the efficacy:

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily

All in all, I love Rihanna's commitment to reducing waste and offering a refillable component. My only qualm with the packaging is that the tub itself was initially a bit confusing to put together; it was slightly difficult to insert the refill into the component, and it took several tries to twist the cap on properly. Beyond that, it was smooth sailing. The product's texture is smooth, bouncy, and, IMHO, would be suitable for all skin types, given it's thick, but not too heavy. It also lacks the strong fragrance that initially gave me pause with Fenty Skin's first few launches. Finally, while $40 is no small cost for a moisturizer, the price is pretty on par with similar items in the market.

Ultimately, I can't ignore are the results. Although I didn't initially notice a stark change overnight, my skin felt noticeably bouncier, and the flakiness I was dealing with the previous day completely disappeared. After a few more nights, my complexion was just as even and noticeably more radiant when I woke up. See for yourself in the day one vs. day five comparison below:

Courtesy of Theresa Massony

Overall, I'd give this product four stars out of five, and I'd recommend it as great moisturizer option moving into winter. It's another solid launch from Rihanna with a lineup of ingredients providing proven results. If you're down with that, you can pick this product up on the Fenty Skin website:

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