This Dog Found Guarding His Owner's Home After The Camp Fire Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

I've always known that dogs have a reputation for being extremely loyal, (I mean — really — have you seen Lassie?). But never in my life have I seen any pup as dedicated to their owners as Madison, the California-based Anatolian Shepherd Mix. So if your heart hasn't already been completely shattered to pieces by these devastating pictures of this dog guarding his owner's home after the California wildfires, you can see how they literally have all of Twitter sobbing. No matter how hard I try, I truly can't get over it. Stay tuned, though — I promise there's a happy ending.

At this point, you've probably heard a thing or two about 2018's tragic California wildfires, which have been the deadliest fires on record in the state's history, per CBS News. Several people were killed, families and wildlife were totally displaced, and over 240,893 acres of land were destroyed. When the Camp fire first brok out on Nov. 8, Madison, the dedicated doggo, initially fled the home of his owner, Andrea Gaylord, in Paradise, California, according to CBS News.

Sadly, Gaylord wasn't able to access her house amidst the fire, and Madison was left behind, per The Washington Post. The K9 Paw Print Rescue had located Madison's brother, Miguel, while Madison was spotted roaming in a nearby canyon guarding what was left of the home. Sullivan left out sustenance for the dog to lead him back until the evacuation order was lifted. On Friday, Dec. 7, Gaylord returned to the house which was completely damaged, and was reunited with Madison, who seemed to be protecting the family home. If you can bear it, watch the video below.

Eventually, Twitter found out about Madison's devastating story from Gaylord's Facebook post about being reunited with her beloved fur baby, per The Washington Post. And as you probably imagined, everyone in the Twitterverse is crying gallons and gallons of happy tears about it. I mean, how could they not?

OK I seriously can't with these pure AF responses to Madison's loyalty. Nobody can control their emotions right now — because really — how amazing is his story?

If you're looking to help those affected by the California wildfires, make sure to check out all the ways in which you can donate. If you want to specifically help out displaced pups like Madison, you can even give to the Humane Society of Ventura County. They've been taking in animals that were evacuated from the fire zones, and they're currently accepting cash donations, as well as supplies they have listed on their Amazon wish list. It's a really solid cause, if you can spare a little cash.

There's a chance your tears are making it impossible to read the majority of this article right now, and if that is — in fact — the case, I completely understand. I am literally a puddle on the floor at this moment in time. Madison is basically the textbook definition of "good boy," and if you ask me, this world seriously don't deserve his perfection. Paws up for Madison — the best boy around.