This Taco-Themed Pop-Up From Cholula Will Make You An Instagram "Guac-Star"

In case you haven't noticed, Insta-worthy pop-up exhibits have been literally "popping up" everywhere. Each one of 'em usually has a theme and features aesthetically-pleasing art installments that visitors can pose with for the 'Gram. Unsurprisingly, another one is about to make its rounds — and it'll make your mouth water. I'm talking about the Cholula Hot Sauce Tacotopia pop-up, which is basically an interactive taco-themed exhibit that'll provide the public with tasty #content. If you're hoping to spice up your IG grid, look no further.

The Tacotopia pop-up — which will be open to the public in Austin, Texas for a brief stint — will feature interactive art installments that taco lovers (and margarita drinkers) will adore. According to a Feb. 19 press release by Cholula Hot Sauce, there will be over 20 different "environments" that visitors can explore inside the exhibit. The press release doesn't get into full detail about each "environment" — but based off of a sneak-peak photo from the pop-up, you can expect a lime slice swing with a backdrop that says "SEÑORITA NEEDS A MARGARITA," telephone booths with "TACO DIRTY TO ME" written above them, and an avocado wall that says "PARTY LIKE A GUAC-STAR."

The pop-up's website, on the other hand, goes into a little bit more detail about what you can expect. Apparently, the exhibit will also feature installments like a taco teeter totter, a "Piñatapoloza," and more.

Cholula Hot Sauce

As if the 'Grammable art installments aren't enough, the pop-up will also let visitors taste Cholula Hot Sauce flavors during their walk-through. As someone who pours hot sauce onto everything that I eat, I'm pretty excited about it. If you aren't familiar with Cholula flavors and want to prepare yourself for samples before you visit the exhibit, you can check out the company's bottle selections here. (My personal favorites are the Sweet Habanero and the Chipotle.)

Now that you know what to expect from Tacotopia, you're probably wondering when you can visit. Thankfully, the taco-inspired pop-up will begin making its rounds shortly. As I previously mentioned, Austin, Texas will experience a month-long preview of the exhibit starting on March 1. Then, on May 5, 2019, Tacotopia will officially open for 12 weeks in Los Angeles, California. After Los Angeles, the taco haven will visit Chicago, Miami, New York, and Phoenix for full-length runs.

If you live in one of those cities, you can go ahead and reserve your visit at Tacotopia. In order to do so, head to the pop-up's website and choose which city you're in. Then, you'll be able to scan a calendar and choose which date and time you want to visit. After doing so, you'll be able to buy your tickets and mark your calendar. FYI, Austin is the only city that's currently on sale — and tickets cost $25 each for adults.

There's one more thing that you should know about the pop-up. According to Cholula's press release, visitors will only have 60 minutes to explore the art installments. Keep that in mind while you're swinging on lime slices and posing like a "guac-star" near the avocado wall.