You Could Win Up To $500 In Your Venmo Account During This Chipotle Rewards Giveaway

Courtesy Of Chipotle

Like almost any millennial (or human being) out there, I could seriously go for about $500 in cash right about now. Racking in a little extra money just in time for the weekend (and St. Patrick's Day, for that matter) would be absolutely clutch, and if you happen to be a Chipotle fan, pay attention. This Chipotle Rewards Venmo giveaway could earn you up to $500, and that's a really solid deal in my book.

Between March 12 and March 15, 2019, Chipotle has partnered with the money transferring app you've probably come to know and love, Venmo by giving out a total of $250,000 to 25,000 fans per day, according to a press release. Yes, you heard that correctly, and all you have to do to receive anywhere between $1 and $500 is submit whichever phone number is associated with your Venmo account through the Chipotle Rewards website. Yes, it's that easy, and it's the easiest $500 you could make in your life.

Within 24 hours of submitting your phone number, the 25,000 lucky winners of the generous giveaway will be alerted via the Venmo app, according to the press release. You can bet your bottom dollar (or $500) that I will be entering as soon as I possibly can, and although today's entries are closed right now, the next drawing will be around 12 p.m. ET tomorrow. My alarm is already set to five minutes before they open.

Courtesy Of Chipotle

This enticing giveaway honors the fact that the Tex Mex chain just launched a brand new Chipotle Rewards program, according to the press release. It will allow you to earn free Chipotle over a matter of time, and TBH, there is truly nothing better than a free burrito. After signing up in the Chipotle app or on the Chipotle website, you will earn 10 points for every dollar you spend in the restaurant, online, or through the Chipotle App. After racking up 1,250 points, you will be able to get a free entrée. You will also get free chips and guac when you sign up, as well as a surprise birthday reward, come your birthday. This really is a St. Patrick's Day miracle.

Courtesy Of Chipotle

Oh, and since Chipotle is apparently one of the most mentioned brands on Venmo, according to the press release, the popular burrito chain has finally created a custom Chipotle pepper emoji just for Venmo, at long list. This happens to be the first time any restaurant has ever created a custom emoji through the Venmo, and in my personal opinion, it's totally genius. Pressed Juicery — take note.

Between giving fans the chance to win free money (up to $500, to be exact) and the opportunity to earn free burritos, it would be a huge understatement to say Chipotle is quite literally my favorite company right now. Anything that's free is a win in my book, TBH. Just make sure you enter the giveaway before time runs out, because you only have a few days left to enter. Missing out on this would be simply tragic.