The Cadbury Bunny commercial for 2021 crowned a frog named Betty.

Cadbury's New "Bunny" For Its Annual Easter Commercial Is An Adorably Unexpected Pick

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Courtesy of Cadbury

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to name 2021's Cadbury bunny and the star of Hershey's iconic Clucking Bunny Commercial. This year's Bunny Tryouts included one of the contest's most diverse lineups yet, and the winner of the Cadbury Bunny commercial for 2021 breaks three different barriers by taking the crown, or rather, the bunny ears. Here's what to know about Betty the frog, who beat out a record number of entrants to win the coveted title and $5,000.

Since 2019, it's been an annual tradition to ring in spring by picking a deserving animal amongst all the contestants in the Cadbury Bunny tryouts, and this year was no different. The company says this year's contest featured a record number of contestants, with a miniature horse, donkey, and goat making up some of the more than 12,000 entries submitted from around the country.

Cadbury's 2020, Lieutenant Dan, made an appearance as a guest judge and helped the judging panel narrow the group down to 10 animals. With the help of the judges and almost 30,000 fans who cast their votes on the Cadbury website, the company will be giving the bunny ears to a fan-favorite: Betty, the Australian White's Treefrog from Stuart, Florida. In her full submission video, Betty can be seen hanging out with her friends, hopping around with a tiny hat with bunny ears, and snoozing, which quickly endeared her to animal lovers around the country.

Betty, whom her owner described as "very photogenic" in her entry, broke the glass ceiling in a number of categories with her historic win. Not only is the frog surprisingly the contest's very first female winner, but she's also its smallest — and its very first amphibian.

Of course, Cadbury is the maker of the coveted Cadbury Creme Egg, which second to Betty, is really the star of the commercial. Betty, who scored the highest number of fan votes out of any competitor with her entry video, will be pocketing $5,000 for her win. She also stars in the annual Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial, which was released on March 23 and showcases Betty with her very own bunny ears. The commercial will officially air in the spring of 2021.

Fans were very excited for Betty's big win:

To see more of Betty, including her favorite activities of "snacking, bathing in her favorite bowl, jumping around, and hanging out with her fellow frog friends," you can visit her Instagram account at @charlie.and.gilbert.

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