This Bride Got A Dog-Paw Shaped Ring & Hated It So Much, She Asked Her Fiancé To Change It

by Korey Lane

For people who dream of their perfect engagement ring, expectations can be high. Maybe you've been dreaming about it for years and have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it, or you've been obsessing over Meghan Markle's ring since you first saw it and you want something just like hers. Whatever the case, there's nothing wrong with having a dream ring, but it might be disappointing if you set your sights on a certain gem and it isn't what you get. Such was the case when a bride got a dog-paw shaped engagement ring, and she hated it so much, she wanted her fiancé to "melt it down."

A woman recently took to Facebook to tell the story of how her fiancé seemed to have missed the mark on her bling style. While she has since deleted the post, The Sun caught it before she took it down. The woman also posted a photo of the ring, which was designed to look like a dog paw. Check it out here. (Trust me, you're going to want to.)

The ring is silver and features a solitaire round diamond with four tiny diamonds on top to make it look like, well, a little dog paw. It's pretty cute, but the bride argues that she "draws the line at dog-themed jewelry I’m expected to wear every day of my life." I mean... fair.

Now, before you start to judge the bride-to-be for being so picky, hear her side of the story. As The Sun reported, she explained in her post, "I love my future husband but I forced him to melt this down and turn it into not-a-dog paw." So, it's not like she's mad at him, just that she doesn't want to wear a paw-shaped diamond for as long as she lives.

The bride continued, "Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a dog paw on their hand?! Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog — our fur baby makes us act like 'those people,'" but she said she couldn't wear it every day. So, she "forced" him to melt it down. I'm not totally sure melting engagement rings is a thing, but here's hoping they figured out a way to either remove those little diamonds on top, or add more to the bottom to make it look a little more, well... normal. Since the post was deleted, there's no word on what her new ring looks like, but hopefully she's happy with the final result.

It's not as if this woman is the first bride in history to be less-than-pleased with her ring, or with any detail regarding her upcoming nuptials, even. Weddings are stressful, and it's totally understandable that a bride would want every detail of their big day to be perfect. From the rings, to the dress, to the flowers — it's normal to stress about details.

But, as The Sun reported, there were a few comments on the bride's post that hinted others didn't understand how the bride could be so "ungrateful." Some of the comments included, "The only person worth shaming is you for being ungrateful," and, "Your fella put a lot of thought in to your ring clearly," per The Sun. Others understood, with one commenting, "It’s a cute ring, but definitely not for an engagement ring."

Everyone has their own idea of what an engagement ring should look like, and heck, if you want a dog-paw engagement ring, don't be afraid to ask for it! But if you don't get what you've been dreaming of, whether it be a dog-paw shaped ring or a big colorful diamond, be prepared that if you take to social media to bark about your problem, there may be some ramifications.