This 'Big Little Lies' Road Trip Will Pump Up Your Wanderlust For Season 2

by Alexa Mellardo

If you found yourself peacing out of work at 5 o'clock to cork open a bottle of merlot, park your butt on the couch, and watch Big Little Lies — your priorities are definitely in line, girlfriend. Not only did fans fall head over heels for the vibrant personalities on screen when the show made its debut (shoutout to my main squeeze, Madeline), but the stunning seaside backdrop could not be more perfect. The social scene of this elite California community and all of the secrets enclosed kept us on our toes each episode. And luckily for us, Big Little Lies season 2 received the green light. In preparation for the new season, why not hit the road with your own girl crew on a Big Little Lies road trip?

The HBO series is set along California's coast in Monterey, which makes for the best kind of road trip cruisin' with your favorite humans. With pitstops at beautiful beaches and parks along the way, this road trip will bring you through Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Big Sur.

Make sure you're equipped with ample space on your camera roll for pics, because you'll be heading to the show's filming destinations and spots the Big Little Lies cast frequented. It's time to put on your stellar shades, glam headscarf, and get ready to soak up all of that glorious sunshine. The dreamy sights await, queens.

Old Fisherman's Wharf

Set the opening scene of your very own movie by grabbing a warm cup of coffee and heading down to Fisherman's Wharf. Make sure to check out Paluca Trattoria for lunch, with a main course of unforgettable views. This Italian restaurant influenced what the charming Blue Blues would look like in Big Little Lies. The Monterey ladies headed to this café to catch up and spill the tea on all of the drama — just like you and your girls can do.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If you're captivated by the happenings under the sea (or low-key consider yourself to be a mermaid), the Monterey Bay Aquarium is located on Cannery Row and a must-see. With 35,000 animals, this pit stop that was spotlighted in the show will surely be worth your time.

Del Monte Beach

Sun's out, buns out.

According to See Monterey, several of the running shots in Big Little Lies were filmed at Del Monte Beach. When you explore this sandy gem, you'll want to put on your own pair of sneakers and jog along the shore, with the waves crashing beside you.

If running's not your jam, consider trying something new and rent a surfboard for the day. The water is calling!

Colton Hall

Colton Hall is another must-see along your road trip adventuring. This gorgeous Monterey landmark features exhibits of the city in earlier years, in addition to a replica of the room where the very first Constitution for the state of California was outlined.

Lovers Point Park

Lovers Point looks like it popped straight out of the most romantic kind of fairy tale. According to See Monterey, it was the focal point for several paramount moments in the series thus far — prominently when Jane and Madeline first meet.

Whether your girl crew wants to spend an afternoon relaxing in this serene oasis, or exploring the waters in a kayak, you'll notice rather quickly that life is so much better when it's spent at the beach.

Bixby Bridge And Highway 1

Salty hair, don't care.

The scenic Bixby Creek Bridge lured us all in from the get-go in the show's opening credits. You'll be feeling so at ease and free with the ocean breeze blowing through your wild hair. Roll down the windows as you take in the crashing waves and seaside views along this famous route.

Garrapata State Park And Beach

Vibrant wildflowers decorate the coast along Garrapata State Park. If you want to snap the perfect Boomerang for the 'Gram, catch them at just the right moment dancing in the breeze. After that, you can't go wrong setting up a blanket and sitting on the beach for several hours with your girls. Watching the waves kiss the sandy beach will give you major Big Little Lies feels.