These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Gemini Season 2019 & It Will Feel Exhausting

Whenever the sun shifts into a different zodiac sign, the energy in the universe shifts with it. You might be kicking and screaming as you leave behind sensual, patient, and luxurious Taurus season because it means the sun has entered Gemini, and this zodiac sign is famous for gossip, drama, and flakiness, which can really wear you down after a while. This is even more true for some of us, because these zodiac signs will have the worst Gemini season 2019: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Are you even surprised that sensitive and emotional water signs are in for a rough one? If you've got water for your sun or rising sign, Gemini season might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Speaking as a Gemini myself, even I get exhausted by Gemini energy, and that's probably because my rising sign is Cancer. The way I see it is this: Gemini is like a balloon floating through the air, and while it's so exciting to be lifted above the ground, it's scary when you lose control and fly away. Gemini has so many thoughts racing through its head at once that's oftentimes hard to focus, let alone keep your thoughts in a positive place. However, don't let this news discourage you from embracing Gemini. This energy teaches you how to be more open-minded and versatile. It brings all your intelligence to the forefront.

If you're feeling apprehensive already, let's talk about what you're in for when Gemini season begins on May 21:

Cancer: You're Sensitive And In The Mood To Be On Your Own

You're a Cancer, meaning you can sometimes be a little crabby, and during Gemini season you might feel like crawling into your shell and hiding. That's because the sun is in your 12th house of spirituality, and this can be as magical of a time as it can be overwhelming.

It's vital that you set aside time for solitude and reflection because your soul is in dire need of it. You're feeling highly intuitive and connected to your inner voice. However, if you're constantly on the move or surrounding yourself with people who don't "get" you, your inner voice will feel ignored and you'll likely end up feeling depleted. Do yourself a favor and dedicate time for spiritual self-care.

Scorpio: You're Undergoing A Deep Spiritual Upheaval

During Gemini season, the sun will be in your eighth house of death and rebirth, and even though you Scorpios are known for embracing darkness, this could still be a trying time. When the eighth house is involved, it's not easy to pretend everything's fine when it really isn't. The eighth house helps you get to the bottom of your fears and insecurities. Instead of ignoring any stressful feelings, identify what's causing them so you can fix the problem.

After all, the eighth house is also transformative, so Gemini season has the power to help you rise above negativity and become a stronger person. However, transformation is never easy, and it requires you push through the struggles and make hard decisions.

Pisces: You're Searching For A Sense Of Belonging And Love

During Gemini season, you're seriously going to need a hug. Lots of them. The sun is in your fourth house of home and family, and you truly deserve a sense of security and love.

This is an incredibly sensitive time and you'll probably feel the urge to go home and rest. Why not make something out of it? Use this time to redesign and redecorate. Invite your best friends over for movie nights, go visit your parents, and spent time with your dog. It's totally OK to put all your big plans on hold so you can feel rejuvenated. We all need a little tender, loving care in our lives. In fact, I don't know if we can succeed without it.