These Double-Header Valentine's Day-Themed Sweaters Are Perfect For Bae Or Your BFF

Courtesy Of Zulily

Some of my friends seriously freak out right before Valentine's Day, but in my personal opinion, there's no "wrong" way to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, even if you're single. That's right — whether you choose to cozy up alongside your "person," your Galentine, or your even your pupperoo on Feb. 14, all that really matters is that you're snuggling up to that special someone you love the most. And if you're looking to cuddle like there's no tomorrow this year, these Valentine's Day "Double-Header Sweaters" on Zulily are the best way to snuggle with literally anyone. If you can't tell, I am seriously obsessed.

At some point or another, you've probably shopped on Zulily's website for some sort of quirky gift. But starting on Jan. 21, they're going to be selling the ultimate Valentine's Day sweaters. That's right, just in time for the holiday of love, you'll be able to get yourself one of these double-header sweaters for $39.99 each, and they come in four different styles (all of which are absolutely adorable).

First comes the "Love is Love" pride option as well as the "Be Mine I’m Yours" style. I'm no relationship expert, but I definitely think both of these are perfect for you and and your special someone.

Courtesy Of Zulily
Courtesy Of Zulily

They're too cute, right?

If you're shopping for your bestie, though, look no further than the Heart Breaker sweater, or even the Double Trouble pullover. Both are pretty perfect for you and your BFF (or maybe you and your dog, who really knows?). Either way, they're hilarious.

Courtesy Of Zulily
Courtesy Of Zulily

OK f'real, how charming are these things? If my BFF doesn't get us the Double Trouble sweater this year, I'm going to be real disappointed. Anyway, though, regardless of who your Valentine might be this year, these sweaters literally offer something for everyone. Just make sure to order them between Jan. 21 and Feb. 3, according to Zulily, or else they might not arrive before the 14th, in time for the holiday. That would be a real bummer.

Oh, and if you (somehow) needed any further convincing to purchase one of these sweet thangs, make sure to check out this fantastic online advertisement. This is prime marketing, baby.

Ugh I'm so in love. Someone buy me one already.

Maybe you want to treat your boo (or your BFF but definitely not your dog) to a bouquet full of Reese's Cups. At Walmart, you can purchase the perfect present for any peanut butter and chocolate lover out there for only $44. And if you're looking for the right person to give it to, let that special someone be me, please.

Valentine's Day is seriously one of the greatest holidays of the year. Not only is it just another excuse to snuggle up with your cuddle buddy, but it's a super fun way to show your partner how you feel. Whether you want to spoil them with a double-header sweater or a bouquet full of Reese's is entirely up to you, but take my advice, and just buy me both.

Editor's note: This post has been updated to reflect the item's name as the "double-header sweater."