These tweets roasting Kim Kardashian's Christmas 2020 dress don't sugar coat.

Kim K’s Strange Christmas Dress Gave People ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Vibes


Fans have a lot to say about Kim Kardashian's garb this holiday. After the reality star posted several tweets showing off her festive look, she's getting compared to a couple of iconic characters. Clearly, these tweets roasting Kim Kardashian's Christmas 2020 dress don't hold anything back.

As with other Kim K outfits of years past, her Christmas look for 2020 was a lot. Kardashian posted a series of tweets on Friday, Dec. 25, posing with her famous family members for the holiday. In her first tweet, Kim K captioned a photo of her and Kylie Jenner: "Merry Christmas from the Grinch and Santa." The pic features Kim K in a green dress with a hard shell bodice and a velvet skirt. The bodice is the particularly eyebrow-raising portion of the outfit, as it has a carved six-pack shell and coloring very similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Her other photos included Kardashian-Jenner family portrait shots captioned, "Christmas at Kourtney's," as well as solo shots of Kim K showing off the interesting outfit choice. "It was perfect to dress up and celebrate w (sic) just the fam this year. I hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday," wrote Kim K. "A special thanks to @danielroseberry @schiaparelli for my amazing gown that made me feel festive this year even though our Christmas Eve party was canceled," she wrote in another tweet, calling out the creative director of Schiaparelli (a French-based couture brand), Daniel Roseberry.

Despite the high-fashion name, fans aren't holding back with their comparisons to TMNT:

The sculpted green corset really does look a lot like the shells of the iconic crime-fighting turtles.

New Line Cinema

Some are arguing Kim K's outfit looks more like The Incredible Hulk:

Then there are other comparisons to movies like 2006's 300 or Batman's outfit:

TBH, though, most people just want to know what and why:

Whatever your thoughts on Kim K's outfit, it looks like she and her fam enjoyed their holiday dressed to the nines.