Tweets of the funniest Yahoo Answers questions are trending ahead of the feature's shutdown on May 4...

People Are Sharing The Most Hilarious Questions Ever Asked On Yahoo Answers

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It's the end of an era, thanks to Yahoo's decision to shutter its legendary Q&A platform. While the Answers feature has provided endless hours of entertainment since 2005 by allowing people to query the internet for answers to some of the most random questions, Yahoo announced on April 5 that the storied platform will cease to exist on May 4 — and people are saying RIP to the feature in the most appropriate way possible. These tweets of the funniest Yahoo Answers questions are a fitting send-off with so many nostalgic trips down memory lane.

The Yahoo community might best know Answers as a reliable source of comedic relief, thanks to the often bizarre questions found on the platform. In addition to serving as a hot spot for relationship and sex advice, Answers was the home for the deepest, darkest questions that people had on their minds. However, it's become less popular over the years, and 16 years after its launch, people are getting ready to see it go.

In an online message directed at Answers users, Yahoo revealed that starting on April 20, people will no longer be able to post new questions or share answers to other peoples' questions. While you'll still be able to view any old questions and answers until May 4, that's also the day that the Yahoo Answers website will cease to exist and will begin redirecting to the Yahoo homepage. You have until June 30 to request to download a copy of all the questions and answers you posted during your Answers tenure by signing in to your Privacy Dashboard and doing so. Starting July 1, all your Yahoo Answers data will be deleted.

While Answers is no longer the internet tycoon it once was, it also spawned so many meme-worthy gems that have lived on over the years, and people are gathering on Twitter to say RIP by sharing some of their favorite submissions.

From needing answers about how "babby is formed" to wondering if your band could be the sequel to Radiohead, there were some unforgettable inquiries.

As people rushed to get answers to their burning questions, spelling usually took a hit:

TBH, the answers usually were as entertaining as the questions themselves.

It was truly there for any question you could come up with.

Yahoo Answers was the place to go for some people who just couldn't name that tune.

There were questions you might not have ever thought to ask before.

While the loss of Answers is a blow to the internet community, it's not too surprising considering Yahoo was acquired by Verizon Media Group in 2017 and has since undergone some structural changes. Clearly, that doesn't make the news any easier for Answers loyalists.

May 4 will be here before you know it, so make sure you revisit all the best Q&A moments before they're gone forever.