Twitter Can't Handle Kanye West's Simple AF iPhone Passcode Revealed In His Trump Meeting

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If you think about it, your iPhone passcode says a lot about you. It could be your best friend's birthday, your high school GPA, or even your favorite combination of numbers. However, it looks like "Gold Digger" rapper, Kanye West, puts very minimal effort into thinking of perplexing passcodes, because during his meeting with Donald Trump, he was recorded unlocking his phone with six. Freaking. Zeros. UGH, yes, you heard that correctly, and if you haven't already caught a glimpse of these tweets and memes about Kanye West's iPhone passcode, they're really, really funny.

On Thursday, Oct. 11, Donald Trump and Kanye West had an official meeting at the White House for some long-awaited alone time. TBH, I was not sure what to expect from their meeting, but from the video of the gathering in the Oval Office, per the CBS YouTube channel, it seemed like a pretty interesting rendez-vous. Anyway, the best part of it all had to be the fact that Kanye apparently unlocked his phone with a series of six simple zeros. Elite Daily reached out to Kanye West's team for comment, but did not hear back in time of publication.

Like, I get Kanye isn't the only person to have ever done that before, but c'mon. It's Kanye West's iPhone. Shouldn't it have a little um... heightened security? Anyway, someone captured a video of it from the livestream of the meeting, which Barstool Sports tweeted below. I'm literally LOLing right now.

Yeah, so that happened. Am I shocked? Well, I guess not.

Some out there in the Twitterverse seem to think that the simplicity of Kanye West's iPhone passcode is just plain hilarious, and I, too, cannot help but laugh at it. I really don't know if anybody's surprised (very few things Kanye does surprise me these days), but this is really just way too much.

Others out there in the Twittersphere, on the other hand, are ragging on Kanye about his silly passcode. The simplicity of it was really, um, kind of an oversight on his part, and therefore, it calls for relentless teasing. Sorry not sorry, Kanye.

There are, however, the rare few people out there who can "totally relate" to Kanye's laziness, and I'm honestly a little baffled by all of you. Come on, people. Get yourselves together, and come up with a real passcode for your private property. Please and thank you.

OK all of you have like, way too much trust in humanity.

Anyway, despite the fact that Kanye's actions tend to be relatively unpredictable, I guess I'm a little surprised he isn't more worried about the security of his private property. According to The Verge, his 2016 hit, "No More Parties in L.A." reportedly had a little truth to it, in that his cousin allegedly stole his laptop a few years back. The rapper also reportedly had to pay him a whopping $250,000 to get it back. Elite Daily reached out to Kanye's representation for comment on the matter, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Seeing as that's — well — a little traumatic, I'd think his passcode would be a tad more complicated. Oh well.

If the reveal of Kanye's far-too-simple passcode is the strangest thing he does today, I guess that's probably a good thing. Hopefully all this attention convinces him to change it, but in reality, he probably won't.