Twitter Is Comparing The Bridgerton Bros To This Boy Band & I'm LOLing

Netflix + @holycraprhinos on Twitter

If you haven't watched Bridgerton yet on Netflix, then what exactly are you waiting for? Based on Julia Quinn's bestselling novels, Shonda Rhimes' first original series for Netflix takes place during England's early 1800s Regency period, and it is the sexy, escapist delight you probably need right now. However, I do have some bad news: If you weren't already aware, Daphne's three older brothers are not, in fact, played by a famous boy band — though tweets comparing the Bridgerton brothers to the Jonas Brothers may convince you otherwise. (Seriously, once you see it, you can unsee it.)

Anthony, Benedict, and Colin Bridgerton are played by English actors Jonathan Bailey, Luke Thompson, and Luke Newton, respectively, but that hasn't stopped fans from comparing the three men to Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. TBF, Newton did appear on the Disney Channel series The Lodge as Ben Evans, so he has at least some connection to the JoBros (along with his devilishly good looks). While the jury is still out on which Bridgerton bro looks most like which JoBro, there's no denying Bridgeton provided some serious Regency-era Jonas Brothers vibes. These LOL-worthy tweets comparing the two sets of brothers have me rolling.

This Understandable Confusion

You can inform the Jonas Brothers of my... affections while you're at it.

This Indignant Response

Shonda, you should have told me about this casting choice ASAP.

This Incredible Nickname

Regency-Era Jonas Brothers has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

And This Other Accurate Moniker

I've been to the 1800s. Not much has changed but the Jonas Bros' sideburns.

This Apt Comparison

Jonas Brothers, but make it ✨magical✨.

This Blatant Favoritism

The Duke was cute and all, but have you seen Daphne's brothers?

This Frankie Jonas Shout-Out

Gregory Bridgerton = Frankie Jonas, and that's that.

This Vibe Check

Um, SAME (but I don't hate it).

This Fun Throwback

Remember when Nick Jonas played Marius Pontmercy in the 25th Anniversary Les Misérables concert in 2010? Well, now you do.

This Hilarious Mashup

I'm positively shooketh.

This Helpful Guide

LOL, got it.

This Convinced Fan

I mean, I don't not see it.

This Rave Review

All in favor to change the name of Bridgerton to Jonas Brothers Period Drama? 🙋.

This Fantastic Meme

I feel like it won't be hard to convince my future kids of this.

This Fair Point

I knew they were good actors after I saw Camp Rock, but I never knew the Jonas Brothers were that good.

This Perplexed Viewer

It's easy: Pointy Sideburns Jonas, Swoopy Hair Jonas, and Mohawk Jonas. Duh!

This Cognitive Conundrum

My brain is so! Confused!

This Alternate Reality

Take me to that universe, please.

This Shocked Realization

You must be mistaken.

This Work Of Art

Excuse me, I must watch this video on repeat now.

I didn't think it was possible, but I'm even more in love with Bridgerton now than I was before.