These tweets about Zac Efron's 'Down To Earth' Netflix show are super thirsty.

Twitter Is Absolutely Losing It Over Zac Efron’s Rugged New Look In His Netflix Show

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Zac Efron has a new Netflix show, and fans are already wild about it. The High School Musical alum is sporting a new look for the docu-series, which premiered on the streaming platform on Friday, July 10. Following the premiere, fans are lighting up Twitter with these tweets about Zac Efron's Down to Earth Netflix show, and they're so thirsty.

If you've been wondering why Efron has been trending on Twitter, here's some background. In Down to Earth, Efron travels the world with a wellness expert named Darin Olien. The goal of the travel docu-series is to find and showcase "healthy, sustainable ways to live," per Netflix. Viewers, however, were more focused on Efron's changed look. Sporting a hefty beard and a bulked-up physique, fans were shook by the transformation from Troy Bolton to rugged survivalist. In the show, Efron travels to locations such as Iceland and the Amazon rainforest. The shots of him shirtless have fans calling him "daddy" all over Twitter.

Efron is now 32, so it's no surprise that he's grown into a more mature version of himself, but fans were shocked at the star's transformation. During his High School Musical days and beyond, Efron has been mostly clean-shaven, but his new look is far more rugged.

The real question everyone has is, when did Efron change so much?

Most tweets are ultra-thirsty:

Some are saying he is a redeeming factor of 2020:

Specifically, it seems like Twitter really, really loves his beard:

He's also being called "lumberjack Zac Efron":

For some people, it just reaffirms why they've been crushing on Efron for years:

It's pretty clear that his fans are here for his new rugged look. You can watch Efron's new show Down to Earth on Netflix now.