TXT Fans Are Freaking Out Over Yeonjun & Beomgyu's Piercings In TXT's New "PUMA" Video

Courtesy of TXT on YouTube

Just weeks after making their comeback with The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY on May 18, TXT has now given their track "PUMA" the music video treatment. These tweets about TXT's "PUMA" music video perfectly capture fans' excitement over the new release — specifically Yeonjun and Beomgyu's piercings.

Eternity is TXT's third album in their Dream Chapter series, following the release of The Dream Chapter: STAR and The Dream Chapter: MAGIC in 2019. It's also their second overall EP, having only six songs in total. Eternity's lead single "Can't You See Me?" received a music video the day of TXT's comeback, so fans weren't expecting the group to release another visual any time soon. That all changed when TXT shared teasers for their "PUMA" music video showing the guys wearing all black and hidden in a dark cave.

With the clips being so mysterious, fans knew TXT would be continuing their dark vibe seen in their previous MV. Fans were eager to piece together the story line, so when the "PUMA" video finally came on June 4, they were beside themselves.

Watch the "PUMA" music video below.

Besides the fact that the video served the epic lewks and choreo TXT fans are used to, Yeonjun was rocking a lip ring and Beomgyu was rocking a nose piercing throughout the vid. Fans couldn't get over the epic visuals, many of which included closeup footage of Yeonjun's and Beomgyu's faux piercings. MOAs made their feelings loud and clear on Twitter. Check out their reactions below.

TXT fans clearly got more than they expected when they tuned into the "PUMA" music video, and it seems no one is complaining.