These Tweets About Tom Holland In 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Will Make Your Day

by Ani Bundel

Spider-Man: Far From Home is only the second stand-alone movie for the MCU franchise, but for Sony, it's the eighth Spider-Man film since 2002. (Or the ninth, if you count Venom as part of the franchise.) Out of those films, actor Tom Holland is the third actor to take up the mantle of Peter Parker as a teenager in live-action movies. But from the perspective of fans, he is one of the best there has ever been. These tweets about Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home show that the love is strong in the fandom. Warning: Minor Spoilers from Spider-Man: Far From Home follow.

One of the reasons that Holland is so beloved is that, unlike his predecessors, he really was a teenager when he was cast in the role. Most productions shy away from casting real teens as teens (ahem, 90210, Riverdale), partly because of child labor laws. So though Tobey Maguire looked young when he first stepped into the role of Spidey, he was actually 27 when the first film premiered, and by the time Spider-Man 3 landed in 2006 he was 31. Andrew Garfield wasn't much younger, The Amazing Spider-Man arrived in 2012 when he was 29.

Compare that to Holland, who was barely 19 when Disney cast him as the MCU's Spider-Man and just 20 when Captain America: Civil War introduced him to fans. One can see why fans are stanning a young legend.

Spider-Man is one of Marvel's best known and most popular characters (at least before 2008). It's not an accident that prior to the creation of the MCU, he was one of only two successful franchises to get off the ground.

However, the difference between Sony's far more conservative take (including casting men in the mid-to-late 20s as a teen-boy-wonder) only could go so far. Disney's choice to cast younger was riskier, but it's brought far greater rewards.

Disney's problem though was the problem Sony brought to the table when they made the deal to put Spidey in the MCU. They've already cast two actors in the role in the space of a decade and were now adding a third in less than 15 years.

Comparisons and fan wars over who played Spidey best were inevitable, and since Holland's introduction in Civil War, the debate has been raging on Twitter. But Holland has a leg up on the competition. Maguire and Garfield both topped out of the part when they were 31, and cannot add to their canon. (Though Sony did toss around hiring Maguire to play middle-aged Peter Parker in Into The Spider-Verse, which would have made Holland's road that much harder.) Holland is as of this writing, barely 23 years old, with eight more years to go. And as fans note, he's only getting better with each film.

It helps that the MCU keeps putting out movies that are worthy of his work, and which critics continue to enjoy. Fans on Twitter are clearly here for another decade of Holland as Spidey. One can only hope that comes to pass.