Twitter Is Tearing Apart Tom Brady At The Super Bowl & It's Low-Key Sad

by Lilli Petersen
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The 2018 Super Bowl is finally here, and it’s guaranteed to be dramatic AF. I mean, the Super Bowl is always dramatic, but this year all the pieces were in place for an extra helping of excitement — in large part because of the literal players. The Patriots are, to be honest, not the most popular team out there, and quarterback Tom Brady is not the most loved player in the world. So it’s probably not that big a surprise that tweets about Tom Brady at the 2018 Super Bowl are brutal all around.

I’m definitely not denying that Brady is a good player — it’s pretty obvious that he is. On the other hand, being good at what you do doesn’t mean that people don’t have Feelings about it, one way or the other, and Brady is no exception. There are a lot of people who feel a certain way about the Patriots quarterback, either for himself or for his team. The New England Patriots are probably one of the most hated teams in the NFL, mostly for reasons of how often they win (they’ve won five Super Bowls in the past 17 years), as well as scandals like Deflategate.

Brady himself is more of a hit or miss figure. Some people really love him, and some people don’t. So it's no surprise that, once he hit the field, social media had plenty to say.

People were guaranteed to be talking about the quarterback, though. The day before the big game, it was announced that Brady had made history, winning the AP NFL Most Valuable Player award at 40 years old — the oldest player ever to take the title. It was even more groundbreaking because, as many pointed out before the game, should he lead the Patriots to a Sunday night victory, he would be the first NFL MVP to also take home a Super Bowl title since 1999. So, kind of a big deal.

Off the field, things are a little different, though.

Brady's become fairly controversial these days, thanks to his longstanding friendship with President Donald Trump. In Trump's pre-presidential days, the pair were pretty tight after meeting at the Miss USA pageant in 2002. Trump had invited Brady as a judge after Brady won his first Super Bowl, and the two apparently hit it off. They were seen hanging out together on multiple occasions for the next few years, including going golfing, taking in a boxing match, and just generally being out on the town together, as evidenced by this 2015 tweet from Trump.

Although, since Trump made his foray into political office, things seem to have gotten a little more awkward between the two.

Brady supported his buddy's run for president — a Trump MAGA hat was spotted in his locker in 2015 — and even endorsed Trump for president. But he also tried to distance himself from many of Trump's positions, including Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering America. But after the actual election, Brady did not say who he voted for, although his wife, Gisele Bündchen, said on social media that the couple wasn't supporting Trump.

But, does someone's personal life matter when it comes to how well they can do their job? (Particularly when some of us might have a casual couple of bucks riding on the game?) At the end of day, I'll leave it to the fans to decide. They clearly have more than enough opinions of Brady as it is.

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