These tweets about the viral Ocean Spray TikTok are all excited the creator got a truck.

This TikToker's Viral Skateboarding Video Is Becoming The Feel-Good Story Of The Year

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ICYMI, Nathan Apodaca created a TikTok featuring Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and it basically lit the app on fire with reactions from fans and Ocean Spray's CEO. Twitter has been hype about the video since Apodaca posted it, and now the saga even has a happy ending. Check out these tweets about the viral Ocean Spray TikTok, because everyone is thrilled about Apodaca's new truck, thanks to Ocean Spray.

The Ocean Spray video was first uploaded on Sept. 25, with the caption, "Morning vibe." If you haven't seen the video yet, it features TikToker Apodaca, aka @420doggface208, skateboarding along to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" with a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. Of course, Apodaca takes a giant swig from the carton and then lip-syncs to the lyrics — "It's only right that you should / Play the way you feel it" — before the video ends. Apodaca shared with his followers that he was living in a broken-down RV and having a hard time financially. The viral video was actually a result of his car breaking down on his way to work. You can watch his original TikTok here.

Since the video went viral, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac posted a copycat video, and on Oct. 6, Ocean Spray's CEO Tom Hayes even shared his version of the video, clad in an Ocean Spray vest and with cranberry juice in hand. That same day, Ocean Spray gifted Apodaca a truck and a supply of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, capturing the event on its official TikTok. “This is from Ocean Spray to you. Thanks for keeping it positive,” an Ocean Spray representative said in the video. “The truck is yours. All the Ocean Spray is yours. Congratulations!”

Apodaca previously said he had plans to upgrade his car and help out his mom with $10,000 in donations that had come in after the video, according to TMZ. So it's safe to say he was pretty surprised as he checked out the new truck. Fans are living for this happy ending:

Others are saying the good deed is making them thirsty for some Ocean Spray:

It's a pure moment needed in 2020:

Some fans are calling for Apodaca to get a commercial contract:

Some tweets are so happy Apodaca got recognition from Fleetwood Mac and Ocean Spray, a truck, and a ton of TikTok followers:

In a year that hasn't had too many bright spots, Twitter is so here for Ocean Spray bringing a smile to Apodaca's face, especially since his original vid has made so many other people happy.