These Tweets About The 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Trailer Will Get You Ready For Hawkins

by Dylan Kickham

It is finally time to return to Hawkins, because Stranger Things just dropped its full-length trailer for Season 3. Fans of Netflix's retro sci-fi series have been waiting a long time for this new season, so it is no surprise that the internet basically exploded after the streaming service released the Season 3 trailer on Wednesday morning. And honestly, the fan reactions to the trailer are just as amazing as the new footage itself. Check out some of the best tweets about the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer and get even more pumped for the new season this summer.

The new Stranger Things Season 3 trailer has a lot to react to: adorable moments between all the kids, creepy new monsters, and a ton of totally stylish '80s clothes. Although we will have to wait until July 4 to find out what is really going on in Hawkins this season, the trailer definitely gives fans a taste of what to expect. As the younger kids try to have a fun summer together, the older kids get summer jobs: Steve works at an ice cream parlor, Billy is a lifeguard, and Jonathan and Nancy are reporters for the local paper. The newly established Starcourt Mall seems to be the new epicenter for all the weirdness this season, and the newly instated Mayor Kline is also up to something shady.

Check out the full Season 3 trailer for yourself, and then have a look at all the best reactions from the Stranger Things fandom:

Probably the biggest thing that fans are loving in this new trailer is all the new looks that the Stranger Things characters are serving.

There are also a bunch of Max and Eleven bonding scenes that fans are so grateful for, especially since they did not get along in Season 2.

And of course, we are all here for the ridiculously wholesome Steve and Dustin content...

...But fans are also very worried for Steve due to a quick shot in the trailer showing him getting a painful injection in his neck.

Steve isn't the only one having a rough time. Fans are also upset to see Will Byers crying while looking at old photos in the trailer, especially since he is going through some trauma every single season.

But what really hit fans the most is just how quickly all these kids have grown up.

Along with bringing back all of the fans' old favorites, the new trailer also introduces us to the new characters who will be in Hawkins in Season 3. There is Steve's coworker Robin (Maya Hawke), Hawkins' shady mayor Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes), and the morally questionable reporter Bruce (Jake Busey). Oh, and the most terrifying new addition of all comes at the end of the trailer, when Jonathan comes face to face with a blob-like new monster from the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 3 will stream on Netflix on July 4.