The First 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Trailer Is Here To Get You Pumped For Summer

by Ani Bundel

It's been one heck of a wait, but the full Stranger Things Season 3 trailer is finally here. For fans who have been waiting for the next chapter of the Hawkins' kids story... get ready. It looks intense.

Though it's been 18 months and counting since Stranger Things Season 2 arrived on Netflix for Halloween of 2017, in the world of Hawkins Indiana, it's only been six months since fans last checked in. Season 2, set from Halloween to Christmas of 1984, ended with Mike and Eleven sharing their first kiss while Max and Lucas did the same. Since then, the two couples seem to have managed to make eighth-grade level relationships work. Meanwhile, with the end of the school year, Steve has graduated and gotten himself a job slinging ice cream, and Dustin was apparently sent off somewhere (summer camp maybe?) only to return just in time for the Fourth of July.

That's right. This is the first time the kids of Hawkins Middle School (who are now all about to enter Hawkins High next year) will not be attending classes as part of the story. Instead, it's the summer of 1985, and the only school these kids are attending is the one of life.

Check out the trailer:

The good news: Dustin and Steve's brotherhood lives! One of the best calls the show made last season was teaming those two up, and it looks like "Dad Steve" will be back in action this season.

Also, Jopper fans are most likely swooning. Though the trailer doesn't directly show anything happening between Joyce and the Chief, the editing (and the voice-over quote from Hopper) is enough to get everyone's hopes up that Eleven and Will Byers wind up one step closer to a legal step-sibling relationship to match the spiritual one they have from their time in the Upside Down.

As for Nancy and Jonathan, they don't get much screen time, but it looks like their investigation team-up isn't over as they sit in the waiting room of The Hawkins Post. Are they hoping for jobs? Or do they have a new trail they're following this season?

However, what's perhaps most remarkable about this trailer is how little of the Upside Down or the Mind Flayer (and his minions) take up. Of course, there's a new, scarier version of the Demogorgon that appears at the very end, but that's all of like, five seconds of a two-and-a-half minute trailer. The rest is dedicated to something far more terrifying: Growing Up. The sound of the Demogorgon's growl may set fear in the hearts of many. But the truly horrific moment is Mike telling Will they're not kids anymore. Who doesn't remember the emotionally-crushing sound of someone they once considered a best friend sneering that it's time to move on?

At least the heartache of teenage living will come with a side of a soundtrack for the ages. Don't cry, don't raise your eye. It's only a teenage wasteland.

Stranger Things Season 3 arrives on July 4, 2019.