Rick & Morty Super Bowl Commercial

'Rick & Morty' Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About The Pringles Super Bowl Spot

by Ani Bundel

If it's Super Bowl season, then it's time for Super Bowl commercials to start pouring forth. This is the point in the calendar year when big name brands go all out in the name of advertising. For some, the commercials can be one-off spots designed to go viral. For others, it's the beginning of a year-long campaign with the opening volley of what will eventually be several spots throughout the year. These tweets about the Rick and Morty Super Bowl 2020 commercial prove that the decision for this to fall in the latter category was the right one.

Pringles are, of course, the well-known processed potato chip invented in the late 1960s. The brand is famous for its "once you pop, you can't stop" campaign, based on the vacuum-sealed cans they are sold in.

This year, the company has partnered up with another brand for what functions as a double-spot, featuring Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. Most viewers know the Adult Swim name as Cartoon Network's after-hours block. But less have heard of Rick and Morty, the oddly dystopian comedy series featuring cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith.

By pairing up the series with Pringles, the chipmaker gets a boost from the Rick and Morty fandom. Meanwhile, more mainstream viewers get a chance to experience the show's brand of humor.

According to AdWeek, this commercial is the kick-off to a year-long collaboration with the show's creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. It will air during the second quarter commercial breaks. Pringles is also releasing a "Pickle Rick" flavor —which will hit shelves around game day, — based on the character Rick turns himself into as a way of avoiding a family therapy sessions, and fans can't wait.

Most fans are pointing out the same thing: They just can't get over how accurate the commercial is to a typical Rick and Morty episode.

Clearly, Pringles stacking is exactly the sort of brilliant breakthrough that could power an entire 30-minute episode with the power of continuous snacking.

Sadly, there's no word on what flavors the Pickle Rick flavor is supposed to stack with. I suppose that's what science is for.