Simona Brown and Eve Hewson in Behind Her Eyes.

Twitter Is Collectively Shook Over That Wild 'Behind Her Eyes' Ending


Sometimes a TV ending comes along that makes you question everything about what you've just watched. That's definitely the case with Netflix's new miniseries Behind Her Eyes, which is based on the shocking novel of the same name by author Sarah Pinborough. For six episodes, it seems like your typical erotic thriller, with plenty of twists and turns. But things later become truly wild and fans have strong feelings about how things turn out, at least according to these tweets about Behind Her Eyes' bizarre ending.

The series follows Louise (Simona Brown), a single mom who begins sleeping with her new (married) boss, David Bateman (Tom Bateman). Things soon become even more complicated when Louise also befriends David's wife Adele (Eve Hewson), creating a sexy, jealousy-filled love triangle in which nothing is as it seems.

Warning: Major spoilers for Behind Her Eyes follow. That makes Behind Her Eyes seem like your average psychosexual thriller, but the show's truly wild ending is anything but average. Things started getting weird after Adele began teaching Louise how to take control of her dreams and astral project, or float out of your body and move around the world at will.

In flashbacks, viewers learn that a teenage Adele narrowly survived a house fire that killed her parents after David (the son of a local farmer) rescued her. Afterward, she was sent to a rehab facility and met a young man named Rob, who she also taught to astral project. But when Rob met David, he fell in love with him and astral-projected into Adele's body, killing the real Adele so he (disguised in Adele's body) could marry David instead.

Yep, Adele was really Rob all along. In present-day, he then befriended Louise after she became involved with David, and ended up doing the same thing that he did to Adele, switching bodies with Louise and killing her when she was in Adele's body. That left Rob able to live in Louise's body and marry David, ensuring he could stay with him once and for all.

If your mind is completely blown, you're not alone. Plenty of viewers flocked to Twitter after finishing Behind Her Eyes, and they're *shook* by the plot twist.

There are plenty of other Netflix originals set to debut throughout 2021, but it's safe to say none of them will have endings quite as mind-bending or unexpected as this one.

Behind Her Eyes is now streaming on Netflix.